One of the trending on City gardening is to transform ugly concrete walls in spectacular Living Walls.

This Solar-Powered Medical Airship (Swiss SolarShip) Can Go Where Other Emergency Vehicles Can't:

Developing countries were reported to have comparatively limited technological and human resources and potentially less efficient management skills of these resources, because of which they have to be more precarious during the implementation phase. E-Government offers a huge opportunity to find innovative ways to reach the need of the people. Innovation of new and modern technologies allow electronic services to be applied in e-Government. Governments worldwide are transforming their organization and function in order to move towards e-Government due to the mediation of ICT. Successful implementation of e-Governments can be a very crucial issue for these decision-makers among developing countries, Developing countries like Nepal need to develop an ecosystem for the growth of IT sector, effective implementation of polices provisions and strategies.

Architecture and virtual spaces
A number of scholars have based their research on the interaction between virtual space and learning on the assumption that architecture is a social object. In this view, architectural design, as a phenomenon that structures the pattern of co–presence between people and creates potential for social interaction, has a direct impact on learning (Schnädelbach, et al., 2003, 2007; Minocha and Reeves, 2010; De Lucia, et al., 2008; Bouras, et al., 2005).

Filament Chip resemble to me leonardo da Vinci Elicopter made of wood, but not so made of wood, the filament chip seem a very clean and precise project with respect of the standard with lot of intuition on the future really hard to imagine in a contest of the technology of the 1996.

One day i had an illumination, to slide in a structure made with a 3D printer a FullHD phone,

The world begins to virtualize, and this time we are not talking about google street view or satellite maps but of techniques to virtualize environments and architectural structures or archeological site among the most beautiful in the world.

What is steganography?
Steganography is the clever technique of concealing sensitive data in such a way that not even the existence of the files can be proved

This interactive map at shown the legal status of the Bitcoin for each country

On February 13 2014,In the article "The promise of Crypto"
By David Mondrus