Solar-Powered Medical Drones

This Solar-Powered Medical Airship (Swiss SolarShip) Can Go Where Other Emergency Vehicles Can't:

This is a good example in how MAV technology can be used to save human life.

If will be possibile to integrate an efficienet recharge system, and sufficient intelligence to a Drone, a solar quadcopter or esa-octa copter that does not need expensive helium recharge, it will be convenient and cheap to medical staff to arrive with medicine to very far-distant GPS locations.

Saving individual or many person (in case of epidemic disease) in one village.

Drone technology is getting mature day by day except for the restricting regulations for general use, peoples are planning to delivery even tacos with them:

So it's the time for more research in the long distance, remote locations reaching, with intelligent autopilot and more weight to carry.

Obviously will be not a good idea to deliver a taco from San Francisco to New York, but just think if one of this days the logistic system will disappeare?

One of the reason of the internet as a research project, was done to survive to a worldwide Nuclear war, so why not long range drones can be the key to survive a massive economy collapse? Where standard structured fuel based logistic dosent work anymore or is unpraticable in all locations?

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