Eagle Hack Lab

Eagle Hack Lab

... at the old Stalls/Stables of Palazzo Beneventano at the main entrance


we have given new space for Simplemachines members and created a Lab for Social Purpose IT research ...



Some philosophical aspects on the names

We like the Eagle Symbol since it is a symbol of Freedom (sometime abused and with different meaning).
But this is not the only reason why we pointed to eagle nebula for the naming of the machines and the lab itself.

This is very simple, the eagle nebula is a star forming cloud/region

and most of our projects have star naming!?!

(§ Sagittarius A* Spiral City and

seven multiple stars --> Mizar, Alcor, Avior, Mira, Rigel, Superwasp, Trapezium).

The Eagle nebula is very popular so that together with Orion Nebula,

is one of the most know nebula in the sky.

Eagle nebula and Pillars of Creation

Inside the nebula we have the pillars of creations,

for analogy the pillars are helpful to create stars (the projects)
So that we have Pillar1, Pillar2, Pillar3,  -- m16 as server

BlackPillar  -->

heic0506b small

The Pillars of Creation 



We are recently investigating to run more powerful Clients, as Atomic PI with 1Gbit LAN as VNC terminals.

So beside 4-5 machines + a couple of Laptops and low end x86 (mostly new SBC like Atomic PI)

the eagle lab will not extend.


Some machines has been sold, other purchased new.

so this images have purely historic information



spire small

  • Dual Screen 1600*1200 IPS
  • A4-5000 Jaguar/Kabini 24nm
  • Root OS Kali Linux 2.0

>> Access Spire Web Server <<

>> Access Spire Via SSH <<

 pillar1.eaglehl.net pillar2.eaglehl.net pillar3.eaglehl.net  
  Other View of the Lab 
Lab 2 small  Lab 1 small Lab 3 small   
 DSC3041-thumb  DSC3043-thumb  DSC3044-thumb  
 DSC3045-thumb  DSC3047-thumb  DSC3049-thumb  
 DSC3050-thumb  DSC3052-thumb  DSC3053-thumb