You Nyx - The Cat !

You - Nyx !


I got You "Nyx" ! You sounds like Unix,

you mean the night, in the chaos of coding

you're small and fast as Git but your logo

is different... A tool and a cat together,

that wear a pair of AR/VR glasses


you love github,

but she is too rich to note you.

you are working hard now so to bring richness

in order to let her see you in your great shape

(cats are free, let them do what they like).


We say a thing does not exist till we give it a name...

this is a not so good name, since in mythology the night (Nyx) make children herself (at half)
infesting your dreams, but also other children as Morpheus(dreams), tanathos (death).

So who work on the night for the night?

Even if the night has its beauty somehow, -- at extreme but balancing positions --

Nyx and Chaos (of creation) are connected. (mythology). Nyx is an elder then

Olympians or Titans. Also, Zeus has Fear of Nyx somehow

(i metaphorically imagine could give also troubles).

But the night and the day are both needful,

I like to see the night as a preparation for a New Day.


For the revisioning system at the core of the new development model
with SGPL, that include crypto wallet entry

Part of a system aware of the applied changes or patches.

In order to Capillary release what is generated on the grid*

as payments to Software and hardware developers

Let choose the developers to send

the cryptocurrecy generated

with this options:

to self (freelancers)

shared with a group (self + group)

(maybe a company or a .org _(workers)_)

Or in full as a donation to a third (volunteers)


This would mean that in future (with SGPL)

you can donate your code to solve other's problems,

not only spot the solution for your code as hardware or software
but sustaining self or other activities, the activity of a third economically.

for example "Medicins Sans Frontiers" can receive donation

for your used code or used hardware maximizing results

where the adoption is high in numbers.

Imagine for exasmple Free Software as Libreoffice

Or just a Consolle game with a share donated to a group

or also in full so a third entity, but not exclusively

can also be a list... with custom percentages

or a company + self.

or self + a company.

--- this is simply GREAT !!! (#.#) ---

For HW & SW, facing future generation of Free HW & SW.

So Running in Grid or making of all the clients a Grid (a Public Cloud)

generating cryptocurrency for a new machine purchase after five years

of 24/7 operations and to pay the Design of the machine

or the software it runs in full, OS and programs.

Read more about this concept on SGPL page


For this reason we need new SW wich is not Git or Apache SVN

Nyx will be different enough but not too much to not create discomfort

For the first time, we can embed not only paternity and monetary information

and involve artists works inside a project. Finding somehow a good integration.

All can be audible,
visible or neurally experienced not excluded

in the coming era of VR & Cyberspace

-- all as a whole in a project --


How a baby walks and rise the first steps.

the name for the revisioning system is ----> nyx .

So since the concept is at the early stage we can find

whatever in it we like, of course, the best concepts

integrated + something new, innovative,

something all can see

as the Next Git.

Nyx is the Cat that helps us to create the cyberspace/metaverse.
VR & AI, are not isolated things. Or should not be isolated

As the Cyberspace/Metaverse with real world.

-- Do you like it? --

The name is just the First Stone Published.

1 conceptual increment :)