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Sim.One Project

Sim.One is a single board computer based on the low cost Cirrus System On Chip EP9307.
It delivers a set of flexible PC-Like interfaces and add-on expansion connectors to connect daughter boards.

All the hardware Specs (CAD files, schematics, BOM, etc) are available under open hardware license, so you are free to use, study, adapt or manufacture according to your needs.

The Sim.One comes with a rich set of Free Software, Debian OS, device drivers for all its peripherals and Optimized GCC compiler with FPU support.





Sim.One means SimpleMachines One
the first Project from SimpleMachines team.

Brief History of Sim.One:

In 2003 the current president of simplemachines, with a backgorund of thousand console modchip fitting with bare hands (pre-messiah chip) and smart card/microcontrollers & related (sometime used for sat hacking) started to call the first software and hardware developers to design something that was in the intention a low cost ARM computer with touch screen for the developing world. This computer (a kind of tablet with debian OS, when tablet was not existent) never reached the maturity, also for prohibitive molding making cost. and still in beta stage, its harware was supported and listed in the linux Kernel. Less than 100 units was diffused, and this re-born embedded board was donated to many hackers worldwide.

This project, the Sim.One basically collected together the first members of Simplemachines the first time unite for a common project.


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