Decentralization of renewable energy production, its Storage

and Grid exchange are very important steps for Humanity progress.

The same importance or even more importance have the Food,

the Food production decentralization & why not exchange.

It may sound strange to clone vegetables and fish in our home

or factory in city without to use pesticides, a tractor or a cultivator.

It is not only about decentralization, but economy of production,

in facts, the largest tomato maker in Europe do not use anymore land.

This may be the ABC for us, not only to be ready to any crisis, war, or

economy collapse (absence of logistics), but also to fight cancer.




Rigel is a three star system. This Star System name is choosen for this project

with 3 components:

  • A - An  Aeroponics System element (tree shape)
  • B - An Hydroponic System for more eavy or special vegetables
  • C - An Aquaponics (fish growing) Connected System to the Hydroponic System

A, B, C combined in 1 thing! Solar Powered, fully automated and modular, scalable from 1 pce, to few one to factory needs. Simple repating and connecting elemes with easy to find parts on the market and easy assembly.


Example of use of Stand alone system or use of systems in combination.

The focus will be on the low cost, easy to reach parts, easy to assembly

& compact transportation of the full DIY kits.

Solar Automation:

  • PH Change water Alarm with autoflush valve
  • Liquid Compost Auto Dropper & Level Sensor & Auto Water in
  • Smart Time table based on differnt programs Inc. Temp & Humidity
  • Wireless Radio in Mesh with sensor data monitor & Actuators Control

The Documentation and the Project design Specifications will be released in Libre Form

(GPLv3 , GFDLv1.3)

(example of a DIY Aeroponic Growing Tree)










For this project pls write to:

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Info Box:

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Aeroponics Intro (IT lang) Aero Celery (simplicity exposed) Home Aquaponic System Liquid Compost teas - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
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Aquaponics @ Morrisville College  35 Aero growing points - 60$ kit  Smart DIY Aeroponic Tree  Large Aeroponic Farm Facility
fish-and-vetables  cloner-60-bucks  smart-tree big--aeroponic-farm