SunCoin / GPLx

Sun GPL - SGPL The License and the Crypto Coin




 The SunGPL or SGPL is not just another cryptocoin.

-- SGPL unit, will be equal to the absorbed energy

of a typical flower that convert sun radiation

to life during a day -- [10]

So what's this crypto coin?

Is a research activity in the years that will come to investigate the sociological impact of a crypto coin and a software/hardware license (SGPL)

SGPL is a name that identify both, when we refer to license we append

"License", when we refer to the currency we append "coin"

SGPL1 is about genomics so don't be confused is only a sincronicity.

Before to compile the first drapft of the License and code the coin software we aim to give to it the following and currently (evolving)* features:






1) Put peace in the world of Software,

a wayout tot he current WAR is to let current proprietary software

have a smooth progress to Free Software but being effective in solving the problems

stated in the Bill Gates letter to hobbist in each of its points that remains unanswered from 1976.

So from this a new Software Hardware License, The SGPL will grant a revenue for programmers

as well as a return of investment to the enterpreneurs and designer that do it as main work activity.

To be able to incorporate volunteer contribution on Software/Hardware projects/products.

Grant the anonimity in code submission, the payment of the anonymous

as well as the nonpayment of the volunters, anonymous or not.


2) Feed with capillary contribution Software projects,

let work together paid programmers and volunteers with

a capillary assignment of payments auto-generated from Grid use.

NB: This is today possible with technologies for first demonstated in the GridCoin [1] project.

We wait many other that will come with additional features and wide test in the years to not fail in nothing.

Let manage the assignment as a duty, responsibility, and obligation of the project owner. [2]


3) Ensure the Freedom of Software Users.

Defend them from abuse and Malicious Software.

Give to Workers and company if requested what it is right.


4) Sustain and let grow Corporations that make Free Specifications Hardware

(Hardware SGPL Projects (like game consoles, PC, mobile devices or other))

in replacing the hardware to clients or discover/design new hardware cheaper,

powerful and low power consumption. That users can pay caring only power bill

(leaving 7/24, the devices connected to a grid) or in part with their power bill [3].

Let assign payments with capillarity for Hardware like for Software [4].

Assign 50% of revenue for Grid contribution directly to Users, but in indirect form.

Spendable (after 5 years of grid work) with new hardware and only on the SGPL domain.

Assign 40% or 10/30% to pay Free Hardware Designers(10%) and Free Sofware Programmers(30%)

that contribute the projects of the running Hardware/Software systems connected to the Grid

(payments needed and submitted on weekly basis) disciplined and subdivided on the usage

or more evolved scheme (so we need years to understnd what is better and real research on the field).

List in the BIOS the hardware contribution, A Free BIOS,

will list in the applications the Hardware contributions to be paid with Gridwork[5]

and assure the OS component that cares the Payment for Sofware is not Fooled UP

(but remain Free, again for this we will need years of research).

Assign remaining 10% to be spent (after a year of Grid work) on Fundraising projects both,

Software or Hardware.

With a Democratic and also Delegative vote to give visibility to the best One, as well as removal

for example for Not Educative Games, like Criminal Game Schools or War simulation games

Or Blood Splatter Games, and decided among the Nwiw citizens, that will be in charge

to maintain and forward to progress the SGPL ecosystem. We do not fear this,

Nwiw will be large and populated with the best really-philanthropic peoples around.

Art & Science will be balanced with Religion, not 10 religions + Art & Science.

but a mixed delegation from Religion + Art + Science will be watching.

Not anymore Who or what is selling more, at the cost of brain damage,

pls forget this for SGPL we should design first and put the basis for all this to happen.


5) Upon currency diffusion, but also at the beginning,

Do the Wallets more evolved.

Incorporate all the good features of GNU Taler. Adding new ones.

Able to Lend the currency to the market (crypto coin lending) as an investment

on short term basis, hours, or a day, to let increase and not leave dead

any wallet that moves to this option. Give them 8 levels of services. 

From level 0 to level 7

the following Transaction Fees are applied at both side, or replicated at both side to reach double

of the amount in a shared form. We need to push it at the maximum at the minor damage for users, both side.

From reading the feedback of the seller, Level 0 - (1% fee applied), at Level 2 the tracking consign of a parcel,

that may simplify reimbursement if not delivered or delivered in time - Level 1 - Pay 1.5%

To Insurance if the parcel is lost in Delivery Level 3 - Level 3 will pay 3%

To Guarantee & other levels with other option, Like a replacement

if something purchased fall down and breaks up.

Add a higher percentage of the transaction at the highest level,

up to 7% (more than PayPal?) will be paid for full risk, first class

Became 1.5%, when the user grants the possibility to be fined in its wallet

with a variable a percentage,  more percentage more discount 50-70-90%

give the top of discount, 7% cost services are reduced to 1.5% fee costs using the wallet 

to sell or buy. the penalty is applied with a variable percentage, for the social conduct,

kill someone, or robbery, or abuse and other, or any conduct that harms society progress,

can be someday fined even as only a possibility, fined on the wallet.

As in a closed system, we need the unicity of verdict

from the Nwiw citizens and new/other/type of  jurisdiction over the SGPL wallets,

with possibility to submit the opposition request case a maximum of 3 times

Why not let that amounts can be also temporarily frozen for more investigation

hanled from differnt judges, of Nwiw Judging the case (more is the amount and more levels

can be added, 1 Level for small things) Judjes paid with a fee over the disputed amount.

Or a fee over fined-frozen amounts for the penalty (anti-social conduct).

Merchants that face 8% cost for a full Risk sale to a user,

can choose to have a good conduct in the life, can grow more than others

pay the minimum and not 7% when it is requested full risk-free & guarantee,

so pay a little only and fixed at their side (1.5%) with a promise to be OK in life

(of course this impact only the SGPL domain and its wallets)

Who do the step will sign a contract, a real one

and will be IRREVOCABLE in the SGPL system on all his wallets.

This will grant the discount to users, and very good operative fees to merchants

users/buyers can request the same. This mean also be sincere, do not say

that your device was stolen when is not, or breack when you need

a new one. Is possible that only trhe fist levels will be implemented


very good soution arise to implement the others.

But we need REVERSIBILITY , in this coin as well as managment

on top, and only Nwiw citizens (in special groups) can do

or things like Paypal can not be replaced

Read bellow why is not a company to manage this,

and who are the Nwiw citizen, how they arrive to there.

As well as how he can be fired from the city if any abuse

of competence.

We search help to not design this thing as a Jail, as a new Big Brother,

but simply a way to progress, a way to Democracy a way to not wildness

in the human relations, for this we need judgments & fines.

For this reason all this will require Years to select the best, and least damages

options both to the users, to the seller, to the peoples, society, and Nwiw

elected mantainers


Other fees can ba applied on special cases


Moving of SGPL between Holding or International corporations

at cheap rates, to be decided on the cases, this may apply

to big amounts, where the SGPL may perform

at the best market rates

and this among all and with its security enabled.

Immagine if one Holding should ask to make a half billion payment

to Paypal, this is simply crazy. So this fee has to be made custom.

And some grants given, as well as the option to pay little or nothing,

granting the good conduct of the Holding.

The fines, may be symbolic, little or nothing or said to be huge while not,

or simply never applied an only to create the conditions for a more fair work

between the parts and between what society get in the operation of an Holding.


(currently banks apply on some huge international movements 10% fee

and specialized company, set up for this international scope, half of it, 5%).


Create Simple and cheap (like 1$) super secure hardware wallet for payments

of goods, services, with the possibility to let pay VAT to preposed entity

on end purchase

in an automated and secure way. Pay the VAT directly

to governements, not to middle one or to merchants.


6) Fight poverty, with the establishment of a minimum survival salary

for each person that uses SGPL paid with Transaction fees.

It can be inconsistent at the beginning, only the diffusion

will make it consistent, and maybe on the beginning

for half only of the world will be significative


Is estimated that 7% on transaction fees is needed for a decent salary

of all world citizens, but this much depends on the medium salary

of each country. So 2% is fixed as a basis for now, this will make

a decent salary not for all but for half of the world in case

This cryptocurrency will be widely adopted in future.

Even if this will constituite only a small bonus

for many,

this is already a good target.


7) Create a sub agent that can help in re-equilibration


of problems due to Wars, Crisis, Country debts with conseguent cut of Social state

and relative social expenses. A sufficient pre-mining(or own currency at disposal of the Nwiw city),

can constitute a collective treasure, the opposite of today situation with $50.000 debt

on the head of every citizen. With States near to explode every few years

and painful remedy that cut social-state or increased VAT

paid for interests

of something that can never be fixed.


8) Constituite a Distributed Authority Network [6]

(centralized on the de-centralized and Virtual City of Nwiw) to strenght Justice.

To apply a variable percentage of penalty

and incentivations on wallets of person or legal entities. [7]


9) The costituition  of a world computational infrastructure

for Virtual Reality, Cyberspace (worlds rendered in batch time with Global Illumination),

cities or meeting places Where peoples can meet or work together.

CPU grid used for scientific computation, both operated with unused lost CPU/GPU/AI cycles

of SGPL Software/Hardware/Games grid. Contituite a Grid that use conveniently mobile devices

during charge time or Game Consolle during off time, not operational time

or use their lost CPU/GPU cycles

during Games or VR session.


10) Help to solve in part the enviromental problem


or climate change for greenhouse effect, solve the communications barrier,

help world citizens integration with Virtual Reality a Virtual Reality

kind with resource [8] Use a Proper system to assign resources [9].


Test Platforms


This project also integrate with the virtual city project ,

a city for ATAI (Assistant Tanatological AI) and humans,

city rendered on the SGPL grid, ATAI working

in the SGPL portable devices equipped with AI chips.


What is not Sun Coin and the SGPL


Is not a container or a mirage of change to lock and control its users.

The proposals are functional and not hidden, shown in this 10 points like the fingers of two open hands.


Early Feasibility study


Analysis of Proof of Stake Systems


Analysis of projects like GridCoin


Liquid Feedback - Decision Making SW




[1] The GridCoin -

* Nothing is fixed until we go to development stage.


[2] in case of partially or total re-use of code licensed with the Sun Coin and the SGPL, the obligation to give to the authors the right payments, allowing at least a workable margin for new branding, forks, modifications of code or new direction of one software project. Give instruments to assign resources with Liquid Feedback system when there is not a Company that govern this project.


[3] Mobile devices should be used from grid during the socket charging or night time (not operative time)


[4] In case Hardware have many designers (for each component or more than one for a component) let assign payment with micro capillarity, including contribution or improvements to VHDL code both from external or internal sources in case of promisquity, and collaborative designs.


[5] Modified Version of Free BIOS like Libreboot or coreboot can store a list of the hardware components set for a machine (at least its Free Hardware Components), with capillarity of informations on the parts, of who (in paid form) contributed the development of the Free Hardware parts, with his coin address and the percentage of contribution assigned in order to calculate payments to forward for each component and for the machine globally. On Operating System side or applications side, let deliver applications or software components (released with the Sun Coin and the SGPL) with a list of percentages of paid contributions (as specified for the hardware). Let a daemon on the system forward the payments on a daily or weekly basis during not use time, not operative time or more convenient time.  The remaining 50% of the grid-work revenue is collected each day for the user running the Hardware/Software system and collected in locked status in a sub-wallet until the amount get mature in 2-3-4 years (the time frame for hardware obsolescence) for the purchase of new hardware.


No payments in generally spendable way are done to the users. Firstly one user may prefer the Sun Coin and the SGPL Hardware/Software for its Social means and importance to create a global distribuited super-computer obtained with the unused CPU/GPU cycles. For second instance to assure to him a new generation of Hardware after the times mature or the old hardware become obsolete. Who obtain energy from the Sun for example have no cost, or marginal costs in electricity. The Sun Coin and the SGPL embeds a new way of thinking a PC or a Personal Mobile device, as a Personal-Public resource, public when not used. PGC (personal-grid-computer). Corporations that obtain energy from the sun or the wind or other low cost way, may think to Sun Coin and the SGPL revenue as an economic way to have replaced their huge installed machines park with no cost or marginal costs.


-- EDIT: The SGPL Revenue for both Software/Hardware developers and Users (paid in new hardware), are paid in electricity cost from end-users. New breaktrough from ARM and NVIDIA have have shown i7 performance class CPU with medium/high class GPU that have the power consumption similar to LED bulbs (10W). So our initial evaulation of costs to run The Sun Coin and the SGPL SW or HW in Grid 24/7 or in charge time/off time is totally to be reviewed. Thank you NVIDIA. --


For all the rest of the users with no access to cheap renewable energy, is a way to ensure a saving chained to constant work of a PGC to be spent on something really of maximum importance that help their personal development, their communication power, their freedom and their life.


So users may have a general wallet with a locked saving sub-wallet connected to one or more PGC for hardware purchase.


[6] editors-network The right seeds to start will be provided, in a trusted, secure and special man's network that select and abilitate each other without number limits, upon saturation. This point may be hard to be accepted, and we are open to contribution, shows the real (and complex) reason of that. Main SunCoin supporters and contributors should have it clear whats up their head as under their foots. We can say only really "special" persons (the best we know in all sense) will be seeded to start the network. The most good one like the Sun will be searched, as well as that one that keep evil as small vocabulary and control it, to recognize, not to perpetrate it (even if they can), to move inside it at open eyes, with an eufemism can say Angels with Tails. They are very rarest and special. As the carbon in the iron to make the steel to develop a Katana of a samurai. With a will to help the others, never attack, never control but help. They will be searched and this process will never stopped. Till noone remain, to the bottom or till someone win the evil inside him as it is happened, and happen not only one time. Look at the Love in a man and you will never wrong. Be wise in selection, select among the best you know, and do not watch at talent first, but at virtues, not simulated or artificial one, the one that come from the heart. Many evil (unsecure) thinking man, occupy (for compensation or for control among the good one wich represent a risk) the most not harmful and social good willing activiities. See or search the wolf under the sheep coat. Have long frequentations to decide. Be suspicious to who side you after you was called as citizen even if noone knows it - noone. Expect help, unpredictable ones to drive someone to you when you are stalled, be suspicious with stupid one or artificial or giving you what you are searching easily, evil is stupid (and do not see the future), follow the real and not artificial sincronicity to fool up your path in an unpredictable way. We do not need one man to select many, we need many drops and the nearest to make the ocean

as well as a lake, if only this water remain on the earth.


[7] Migrate in a - zero balance - those penalty as an incentivation to persons, groups or legal entities that promote society progress. Penalty will be applied to those that work against society progress or simply hurt other peoples in a legal or not legal way. It is in evaluation if this entity or a sub entity of this can act in controversy as peacemaker of disputed payments (as paypal do) earning a percentage of the disputed transaction if this consume time of the preposed operator. The same earnings in smaller percentages to remove and assign penalites/incentivations to strengt justice and helping or incentivate a re-equilibration process. To create a self sustaining system that affects and grants SunCoin users.


[8] due to development areas, we can not request high bandwidth to run the pre-calculated Virtual worlds, so we urge to set most of the job done on the grid and with downloadable (or physical media shareable) elements (dynamic global illumination worlds, meeting places, avatars, moving objects, avatars voice models, objects specifications, AI models), pushing at maximum clients for real time job (clients with low bandwith usage, that only need to transfer vectors, voice and little more). Give access to powerful computational resources on the grid to citizens that need to render with global illumination collaborative meeting places or virtual cities.


[9] Use a liquid feedback votation system to assign the resources for both Scientific computation Grid (prefer CPU time) and Virtual Worlds grid (assign GPU time).


[10] In History Currencies was created to Store a Value, Value represented in Gold, or more recently in history fossil fuel. After the economy becomed crazy this bond was cutted and peoples was hardly pressed in a strange game of false debt never synced between banks and corporations resulting in an economy (peoples) massacre.


It is not feasible today to store renewable energy or permit the exchange of this energy as a currency or things like coins, but battery research is very promising, we can hope that in future we can exchange energy,


sun, wind, sea waves or geotermal energy. Real energy instead of currency. Of course all this energy come from the Sun, no other sources. So this bond to a flower daily captured energy is not very functional now, mostly an example. But it can be functional in future after the research in naotechnology will led to a way to store renewable energy in matter in a way it will be archived persistently, ready to be exchanged or used in the grid. Maybe we should think more on this latest note.


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