3D Lab - Otranto Italy

The world begins to virtualize, and this time we are not talking about google street view or satellite maps but of techniques to virtualize environments and architectural structures or archeological site among the most beautiful in the world.

This is one of the research field of the italian 3D Lab in Otranto, equipped with 3D Laser Scanners, high tech equipments and parallel rendering machines for visualization and editing.

(thom 3DLab website) The lab consist of this Staff


Francesco Proietti (Direttore CASPUR, Roma)

Virginia Valzano (Direttore Tecnico-Scientifico 3D Lab - CASPUR)

Fabio Negro (Borsista CASPUR)

Leonardo Lauri (Amministrazione CASPUR)

Laura Pulcinelli (Amministrazione CASPUR)

Raffaele De Cicco (Ufficio Tecnico Città di Otranto)

Elio Paiano (Collaboratore esterno)


You can wach a virtualization example on this video:

A Virtualized Byzantine Crypt
(dettails attached)





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