Reviving Lisp for smaller programmable machines

L'Open Data è parte integrante dell'Open Governmet, cioè aprire ai cittadini le istituzioni, nella massima trasparenza.

In the research efforts done for the project nwiw (will be nwiw.org), we found some interesting research paper with experiments to simulate an historical figure.

Is done of 3 identical flight elements, combined in a Z structure, to optimize solar rays exposition.

CityFarm, born out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, is an Urban Farming project that is Soil-Free and uses Virtually No Water.

Former head of the Italian privacy authority Stefano Rodotà has been a long time advocate of a “Magna Carta” for the networked society, and he now has a leading role in the effort to create one in Italy.

A new drone wich is able to flyes and reach quickly patients, with an heart attack, was developed in Holland.

Free Software and your Freedom