Alcor 6L - Alcor OS





Alcor6L is a software system for natively programming microcontrollers (interactively and incrementally) using any of the following programming languages: Lua, Lisp [*] and other that will come. The system can read commands in any of the above languages from flash or from the console (over UART, USB or Telnet)

Alcor6L is a fork of the eLua project. For now, it runs on the following hardware platforms: Mizar32(AVR32UC3) from SimpleMachines, LM3S, STM32 ARM Cortex M3

boards and PIC32MX. Alcor6L is free and open source software.


We are currently developing a new Version of Alcor6L, "Alcor OS" based on NuttX,

with embedded 6LoWPAN, 6LoBcac, WolfSSL-TCL1.3, WolfMQTT

with interpreters (Javascript, Python, Lua, Forth, Lisp, Haskell)

To support our educational, consumer or industrial platform

- Mizar32 - Trapezium One - Avior32 -




The source code is hosted on github, here:

Compiled firmware images can be downloaded from:



To report bugs, use our issue tracker:

To enter discussion about it, join our mailing list:!forum/alcor6l

You can download the Mizar32 book in PDF with example programs in Lisp and Lua.

You can get a printable version of the book by visiting the print/export menu in the above link.

* At SimpleMachines, we love using Lisp for programming microcontrollers. Here's one of our flyers: