E-Governance (2)

Former head of the Italian privacy authority Stefano Rodotà has been a long time advocate of a “Magna Carta” for the networked society, and he now has a leading role in the effort to create one in Italy.

Developing countries were reported to have comparatively limited technological and human resources and potentially less efficient management skills of these resources, because of which they have to be more precarious during the implementation phase. E-Government offers a huge opportunity to find innovative ways to reach the need of the people. Innovation of new and modern technologies allow electronic services to be applied in e-Government. Governments worldwide are transforming their organization and function in order to move towards e-Government due to the mediation of ICT. Successful implementation of e-Governments can be a very crucial issue for these decision-makers among developing countries, Developing countries like Nepal need to develop an ecosystem for the growth of IT sector, effective implementation of polices provisions and strategies.