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What we do:

We develop free software and free specifications hardware projects.
Almost all of our projects have Binary or Multiple Stars names.

In this projects, we develop Hardware and Software folllowing smart design rules, involving state of the art technology with the ambitious goal of social utility. In a diverse and international-intercultural team, different skills and view points, helps us in the integration of rules that are used to shape and enrich these projects.

Our Philosophy is to design with High flexibility and modularity, to allow re-use of the various self-contained parts for different specific requirements. Such composability and inter-relationship of well integrated Hardware and Software components lets us assign different task to different developers to finally achieve cooperation and mutual participations in global Super Projects.

The Creation process






SimpleMachines is an organization founded by a network of geeks that believe in freedom of information.

The members are spread all over the world and their main R&D site is located in Palazzo Beneventano in Catania.

In Italy, Catania, with its many hi-tech companies, is also known as Etna Valley for its similarities with the first stages of Silicon Valley.

Thanks for coming here and enjoy your trip through our web site.


A.P.S. Simplemachines

Tel.: +39 095 7315865

Via S. Gaetano alla grotta, 14

95131 Catania

email:  dev(at)


Brief History of Simplemachines

In 2003 the current president of simplemachines, with a backgorund of thousand console modchip fitting with bare hands (pre-messiah chip) and smart card/microcontrollers & related (sometime used for sat hacking) started to call the first software and hardware developers to design something that was in the intention a low cost ARM computer with touch screen for the developing world. This computer (a kind of tablet with debian OS, when tablet was not existent) never reached the maturity, also for prohibitive molding making cost. and still in beta stage, its harware was supported and listed in the linux Kernel. Less than 100 units was diffused, and this re-born embedded board was donated to many hackers worldwide.

This project, the Sim.One basically collected together the first members of Simplemachines the first time unite for a common project.

Only in 21 December 2012 (yes our commercial guide and the notary decided the end of the world day to call us to sign) the Simplemachines becomed a Legal Entity, An Associazione di promozione Sociale in Italy, and its plan are to make subsidiary in all the world, as soon as the finance will permit it. The projects of simplemachines are not easy and simple but we believe in our slow growing network of trusted, talented & "special" peoples to realize the targets that simplemachines have in front. Thank you to be part of all of this. The future is already signed maybe but always we have the chance to change it dinamycally with out thinking and our dooing as active parts of this wonderful now more than before extended world.