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Mira128 is a project to provide Free Specifications design reference to build a Smart City.

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Sagittarius is intended as a whole ptroject but still not a full Smart City project,

it carry several sub project helpful to create smart-cities

(additionals and not considered in development, so we are called to do...)

with low costs

There is no reason to rewrite how a gateway or a DNS/SDNS server works,

but this will be released as specification & sources for the ODROID-H2

or other unexpensive PicoITX x86 Single board Computers

as selected from us as a demo Gateway

For contrast our focus with Mira128 is

with a canvas of a Smart City, our distributed automation protocol,

(Mira World Wide Automation), as well as Alcor6L(a powercharged RIOT OS + Interpreters),

Gneral Node (a fork or an hibrid between NodeRed and Genera Symbolics concepts)

with HW Demo (that we hope other do and sell with good profit)

designed from us to aoutomate all what come after the wireless

mesh (Olsr), or WANs (or any uplink to Internet) the SDNS as sub-net

access and full automation control or deployment interfaces.

So we explore more new territory

more focused to IoT that of course a BSD system running SSH or Oslr,

so where the speciofications are uncomplete, unkon or misused,

where is required more (missing) attention and refining.

Being this of Smart cities and IoT in general a whole not understandable mess

of stupid nodes, often depending on concentrators (not redundant)

full of new things every days not standard with each other.

Add clarification, documentation and little development to it.

We try to give working

examples also of new things, never done before

of the MP-CVU (M)ira(P)rivacy(C)omputer(V)ision(U)nit

A Privacy eye, over the peoples. Even if this seem a contrast,

it could be done!

With several embedded functions traslated in narrow band messages,

not to record video over the surveiled peoples.

Firmware-Computer Vision with Nodes at a target price of 10$.

That respect the Freedom and the Privacy of the citizens.

Not only super-low-cost, but used in fault tollerancy (in pair A+B)

Differnt Use of SDNS even to little things as a node.

Authority on top of SDNS and their data fields

are used not only for naming of the involved nodes, mapped

or with IPs on their tiny network interfaces, to give a hierarchical meaning

to resources,

locate them as when fedex have to deliver a parcel (if in the intention to be so in a city)

so URI starting with city name, the zip code, then street, then street number, then

if not enough locate them add GeoSpatial Data to databeses, SDNS databases

and till all does not fit in a node, use gateways (as huge and powerful full *BSD)

to map IPs there, till it will fit in future generation nodes direct.

Where what it is standard and common

is re-used in new context or used in new ways.




Imagine if you can push the button of your desk-lamp

or adjust the volume of your web-radio

to close

a so distant resource like the valve in the the niagara falls


as well as switch in a scheme or soft machine to turn on your toilet light bulb.


Not only general and specialized hardware nodes will be released,

but also some things

very helpful for the city, that still does not exist on the market,

or noone will care of designing them

like  MISO-PU - IP67 (Mi)ra (So)lar (P)ower (U)nit  those units,

are simple LTO (Lithium Titanate - stable green and cheap lithium

to assure 50 years service from a battery)

Solar Power banks - industrial one, for the city, made with standard ultracheap part

Like a Flat empty Street Light projector, that contain Cells under the glass

and battery bellow and use the tube to let out the connections.

More cheap than this we Die!!! Simple robust low cost electronics

for charge and balancing - Well designed.


Not so much innovative or complex to build

but absent, made with the more cheap and common industrial parts

to assemble them with

with prices that even more can cut the budget of the city-automation

So that in the night as in the day, a node could operate

And not all can be put in proximity or inside Street Lights Or

Street Lighting. So over a Wall, Under a tree, everywhere

you can have not only a gateway, or a mesh node but

also serve the autoimation, or serve other,

that without power (night and day) you can not do.

So if we do not create this free spec, show how to do it unexpensively

what we wait that those are unveild as jewel and sold so expensively that

half world or emerging world could not use automation in cities

or even villages?


Other hardware to be released are the set of devices to assemble 

A public MP-GAS - (M)ira (P)ublic (G)arden (A)utomation (S)ystem


All this solution as the applications code defined endpoint of automation

or the same CV, will be Totally Free Software. and Free Specs Hardware


This technology is set to be demnstrated in the next 4 years in the MPDU-500

a new dome building model wich is another of the sub project of Mira.


MPDU-500 and the samller that will come (planned 3 or 4 sizes

to the smaller 100Mq or 60Mq with only one floor)

Are substantially dome shape building, or a fluid and constant research

here over not only domes, but all the remaining (and not considered)

from implants, specs of do them cheap, to sewers, new sewers that

could do electricity in a so simple form...

But the specification Free Specification in design of such Sewer

+ all the electronic involved is still missing


Another that go with the Domes, is Wall Battery

or Floor Battery, so ghow to make a wall of battery

or put batteries in side a wall _not the tesla wall toy for rich_

But something unexpensive done with conventional 100AH

Empty BUS or Truck  batteries, but filled with super cheap electrolyte that

let them last 7 years. (spiral wound with special electrolyte

i cal it special but is so common as land fertilyzer, last 35 years)


tio make a not stupid (and smart) energy wall for all.


Pgotovoltaixcx is very cheap now, but we hope in sewers

to produce energy they are a lot more cheap.

this of course will need years and years of research.

If you are interested the reasearch done till now

is called improperly since hydrogen not involved "microbial fuel cells"

so how to design the perfect (scalable or modular) sewer

with this function to let it become a Free standard ?


And all what descend over it, depending the time and efforts we could put on it.


full documented in the desgn from the bottom up, where all the most innovative

solutions are used  to make them super-low-cost, eco-friendly, anti seismic,

anti-tornado, cheap in the wiring, with good solar, for water, for electricity,

with rain collectors, water purifiers. a new desgn for a sewer that produce electricity,

with latest Microbial Fuel Cell technology.

Free Specifications design of floor and wall battery,

done with economicity in mind and not as a a trade toy for rich (1%) of population

to be made in respect of the developing country that may use them

with very poor-low-cost but reliable technologies.


Other Software technology will be delivered for the city with the time


so other sub projects of Mira. Like TSX-MAIS - Telegram / SMS / XMPP Mira Area

Information System. This is a simple chatbot that talk natural language

that is an assistant for all the informations pertaining citizens and the city.

With some control feedback to what is usable from the citizen in the automation.

Not only engineers and ciy service surbveillant can use the automation of a city,

then city may have its automations to the public, and we think the TSX-MAIS

can become a nice and not-harmful interface to citizen. We should avoid

cloud centric AI for this, we prefer simple NLP give what can give

an embedded board with not so higher resources, in simplicity.

In simplicity answer simple question like how much time for the

arrive of a bus or the full path it does as well as other informations,

for example open pharmacy, or the nearest museum and things like this.

This is today very simple technology to integrate in Mira Specifications.

And we would like to embed this and amke it diffused in every medium

Other innovative things are an electronic nose,  C&O-MAPS

(C)omposite (&) (O)rganic (M)ira (A)ir (P)ollution (S)ensors


This will care to report the level of pollution to citizens as well to the

interested party that design the traffic flow, this data can be combined with the

Computer vision system that contribute to the traffic analisys in order to create

better routes and decrease the air-pollution in an area to distribute the flow

of the traffic in more uniform and less polluting ways, not only but

also reduce electricity consumption in the night, detect presence

or incoming of peoples and vehicle to create a wave effects

in the public lighting.

Do more light where useful while gain

of the maximum or the legal minimum possible

when noone is there or when incoming.


The target

Respect The Citizens, give totally Free Solution

and specifications respectful of costs for the developing country.

Respect of the standards, find new solution or use the old in new way

to standardize if adopted and well performing.

Simplicity, robustness,

fault-tollerancy, reliability, security and easy of management.


Offer not only the usual services, Lighting control and or public-wifi,

but a contour of automation easily extensible to be ready to become

many trhings in the city and other context. Then if will be good for the city,

and simple we hope this solution will be used for isolated systems, as the homes.


This is some of the technology that we are massacrating :)

fused, mixed, forked, integrated or well harmonized

that will be involved in this research project



| GNU | *BSD | Olsr | Mosh | MWWA Protocol | OpenMV | MQTT |

| Riot-OS | NodeRed (fork) | Genera (concepts)| Alcor6L |



| Odroid-H2 or picoITX | Avior32 | Trapezium | Mizar32 |


About the Planets orbiting Mira128

| MP-CVU Unit - (M)ira (P)rivacy (C)omputer (V)ision (U)nit ---> Avior32 A + Camera |

| MISO-PU - IP67 (Mi)ra (So)lar (P)ower (U)nit  |

| TSJ-MAIS - Telegram / SMS / Jabber Mira Area Information System |

| MIPS-4SL - (Mi)ra (P)ublic (S)ystem for Street (L)ighting  |

| (C)omposite (&) (O)rganic C&O-MAPS (M)ira (A)ir (P)ollution (S)ensors |

| MP-GAS - (M)ira (P)ublic (G)arden (A)utomation (S)ystem | 

| MPDU 500 - (M)ira (P)ublic (or (P)rivate) (D)ome (U)nit |


* DNAND-Y - Definitve Names Are not Defined Yet


* TASVS - This Acronims Sound Very Stupids, i hope not the concepts. :)

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