20$ Do It Yourself Head mounted display with tracking - 4K ready

One day i had an illumination, to slide in a structure made with a 3D printer a FullHD phone,

two lens to make a cheap but high quality head mounted display and or embedded reality engine.

Damn! it was patented from Apple :D (search google patent)

So i had the feeling that our patent systems is suffucating peoples genuine ideas, is like the fact the we live in a world where new logic expression(ideas) are blocked to make money and noone can freely use them without commercial agreement with the first that think at this idea, as they are pieces of land to colonize in this crazy planet of patents.

This seem highly ridicolous but it is a serous problem of today world wich is hostile to any human progress.


So the question is do this works well?

I think so, since other very expensive consumer product work on similar technologies (phone electronics maybe missing).

So go VR with your phone!

See full article here (gyroscope added, watch the video attached):


Ready to try it with new LG 4K smartphones?



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