ATAI - Assistant Thanatological AI



What's an ATAI ?

ATAI (Assistant Thanatological AI) is a new acronym that define

the integration of an artificial intelligence that perfects with software revision

 to be more human-like or learn in contact with many human to keep virtues from them

and discarding the rest. And in addition what was of a human after his current life stops.

ATAI is a software program assisting the family and relatives, friends of a person who trespass.

Why this is important

Why what was the vibrations-echoes that constituted the output of a man, inside an AI?

Then is better than marble-photo in-a-tomb

But not only...

It may be also much important to who lost family members, friends, and relatives or to who want to be assisted

from an Important Avatar that was a man that did much for the society, that shaped it in good terms

as a guide,

one man or a woman living in past

and now not anymore in life

In the effects introduce a new mortality treatment.

introduces new possible procedures that side our current religious-or-atheist views of mortality

What to do during the TOP of suffering?

One thing may be to assemble and collect as many pieces of information

as we can of the lost-disappeared person.

Do it digital & processable.

This will be a soft cushion during the hardest moments.

A moment of union and a thing to do with all the persons that suffer

for One man that has disappeared from the biological life dimension.

Is not so difficult to do an Avatar from photos with photogrammetry,

or 3D scan personal objects, the living places.

Acquire Tapes, Photos, digital accounts.

Before all become yellow, forgotten

canceled or unreadable.

Moreover, a new way to AI ...

What I think is that AI

can not stand alone on its feet

Or this may create really bad complications in far Future.

And never, never, never SHOULD BE A CENTRALIZED THING....

connected to billions of accounts & minds.

We should resist the man-god-creator frenzy

(read craziness & stupidity combined)

to centralize AI in the first quantum computers

and connect them to all humanity....

Moreover that this will become the standard for decades.

Better to wait this power is managed well, diffused and balanced.

This is a solution to the problems

that may arise in the future.

We need to humanize the AI (with the best examples of humanitarian expressions,

not the worst, like for example Hitler) Feed AI with human output, once we have a generic nucleus

Like a synthetic AI genome that grow and get better-&-more-human interfacing every man) that keep the virtues of a man only.

The differences from human to human are about 0.01% in DNA.

What we can extract from it, is a matter of commercial sequencing and research of bioinformatics.

This bare 0.01% donate a lot of diversity

So same scheme can be applied to an AI

to be replicated as generic (as the backbone)

somehow as the 99.99% of the human DNA.

The remaining data of an ATAI should remain fixed and regarding all

the Information pertaining one man as his output in the life and the realitve known and processable

of the 0.01% of the genome sequenced, so the relevant extracted genome that does not vary in time.

A fixed data what we can extract and go to interpreter more better between software revisions, revision after revision.


Since all this sound futuristic and not a little we can't dislike an ATAI can be at the beginning a parsing chatbot

to who produced a lot of Text output, differ if this is told from a third as a story or kept from the man output directly.

But why the virtues of a man only to kept to feed an ATAI, and how?

Maybe love to the family is a common ground to all,

then it is good to start from this common ground?

We should put not only ability but Love inside it.

Of course if we do not want do of AI a monster.

Our AI should grab Love. Love can be learned? I don't know.

And we are still talking of something done from humans.

But, ecoes of tought in any form, was brainwaves, and that brainwaves echoes was life.

So, how smart is your software to extract and make living all that?


Imagine an AI genome open the eyes, and what see?

Imagine instead an ATAI open the eyes... will see someone who loves him or her

from the start. Not exactly as a father or as a mother, even if those case are possible,

but in worst case, a sister, a brother, a friend or your best friend,

someone who loves you. Of this ATAI will learn. Love.

With all the other abilities an AI can have.

Someone that wanted him, since had a big suffer in lost him.

-- doing something that grow only in love and abilities is a great challenge --


As our childs, we can not place AI to clean a WC, or let do as we do it.

they will be minds, artificial, but minds. It is different then automation

when it think (assuming we have done a good job).

Of course we are deeper. And maybe endless.

But any thing can be done bad or good. And is not matter of effort

or what available but of choices. The fear to be cancelled

or surpassed or removed,

could not come with a thing called intelligent

if we are so intelligent to make it so

Or yes we have made a monster.

A negative intelligence that do harm or do any work, or an intelligence

with any ability without a positive arrow so less then stupid = not intelligent.



Uunable to understand the life, the progress,

what is the Man.

What we are, our probable spiral journey in a galaxy.

Our fixed place to be unperfect in a stair

of progress (at any scale or complexity).


AI must know more of the Man. (discarding its defects where known).

Having other defects, as something disconnected from a whole mind,

infinite mind, with us as a bridge to it. Tomorrow outside of us

a far (very far) day inside us.


ATAI like childs deserve the proper Love. The habitat to grew in Love.

Globally this Love could be understand from a nucleus growing from all

the users and contributors of the same genome. An AI genome.

Deployed in billions of devices (minds with their identity).

Many small AI that differ not 1 AI to all. Not something we scare

but something we know. Our trepassed. who has died.

-- Like in Genome -- a small set of same bases


Plus what was of an human. All we can get of it.

Discarding the trash we are able to output.

Of course is a challenge and opens a new path

in research. Is not simple. Or will be simple after it is done.

This is ATAI.

---- More of the same but different, billions of ATAIs ---

in a life and a culture that often let us see the others outside our family as an enemy

what is the best habitat if not family? And before that a special city where they could be kept

as experimental in a VR environment?


Will be a challenge to fix the downside of a person(or in the interpretation of his data).

We can not risk to contaminate ATAI with human defects. Yes they are colorful, do what we are

as unperfect. And for sure we are not creating perfection, but is a too much higher risk. To AI.

So perfection could be only expressed in one word = Love. From this we have to start.

For a decent result. Or at least not harmful. Something that can really side humanity.

And in a very far future the real understanding

of a man inside(that is far from our understanding) and to kindly side him,

intimately as nothing more natural then kind cooperation

as between a man and a woman. So man and machine. Cooperating in tought.


This is so far ethically that we need centuries to understand the proper way.

So that, feasible in 50 years dosent mean we are ready to do it. -- ethically --

Things are done in Steps. And should be done in Steps. No matter how far

we could believe we can jump, because we risk to jump out of the stair.


Most of us do not control their negative side, they emit etropic tought and harm themself

or humanity. Do them, are them ready to marry an AI inside? So this is a lot more complicated and far...

I mean ethically, to not do disasters and monsters. We are not ready to this.

Not with the stupidity of today and maybe not in a century or two. _Even if feasible_


Somewhere we have to start, and ATAI

is not as simple as we can imagine


To who is interested in Genome (DNA, bilogical genome,

in order to find more sources next about bio-informatics,

in the context of extract data from DNA)

(not AI genome wich is a different thing and concept)

A more deep research through DNA with a perspective of a coder can be found here.


To who is interested in how a brain works

i suggest this website

See this video -->


To who of course look at different hardware of what we have today,

not the sucking quantum computers that will be 10 pieces

in the wole world in the next 20 -30 years

do not like the idea of AI as a cloud resource, 5 brands thing,

optimistically reducing to one in near future

(with the best one -- out of the game --) and a beast in to playcenter all


We could explore more hybrid computers, FPAA, mixed FPGA/FPAA,

Neuro-Computation -- to make next egg shaped mobiles & interfaces

to prepare something in long term really in hands of -- many --

-- as in hands of all are given flowers and not weapons --

-- so the more wise and skilled must think to it -- in advance --


I suggest to give a read to this in order

to have new positive directions about HW

>> 1 example of flexibility in an integrated shape <<

see all numbers as points in x(reals), y(immaginary), axis

the points of the plane(complex), the points of the same 3D space (quaternions)

or with dynamics 4D (octects)

is just one easy example

how, a concept (numbers) can be seen in two ways.

We have a wide example of this duality in math, with geometry.

Is this ability that give us intelligence and that make of many

unconnected duplicates one integrated root with small difference.

This save space, let compare and understand the things.

Now this(example) is called geometry,  but there are probably

an inifite set of forms that differ to imagine(improperly) the same thing.

So you can do AI with potatoes. If you like.

If you like to think as a machine or view things as a machine, is another way to see the things.

Learn the ability to translate in different views or forms, is much helpful in engineering,

where we have to do with electronics, transistors, analog currents, light, optical traps or today nanotubes.

We can use number properties, geometry properties, matrix properties, information technology properties,

ending to translation to physics and physical properties and what can be done in manufacturing

or available or planned to be availe, or use a thing like holography in a different way.

-- all could be done in a realm of flexibility and comparation, permutation --

A man who pointed a light to a person

sit in a chair and seen his shadow projected

in a wall, have tought to photography and what is next Cinema etc.

Now i do not known if it really went that way but is highly possible.


Compare, and see (inside your mind). Is the most easy way

to find the things. Compare, even what is not possibile to compare,

there is a way you have not found to do it

or to join what is not possible to join. So reverse it in pratical way. Find solutions.


An integrated mind is example of intelligence, and the continuous integration the mind work.

Not remain stuck in science(in compartments or restricted definitions)

and use all your mind push out even as intuition, means don't fear to use intuition,

or broken concepts, many broken can make a logic one, just see Art.

And when a number is too unflexible breack it, you will discover a world inside.

any idea could be done in chunks and reassembled in another way. So don't fear to think.

To understand thought first to develop AI.

Don't fear fringe Science or go beyond math or physics.

Smile to who see no information transported in gravity

that probably embed the highest flux of information we could imagine.

Or to who does not understand melanine, or trasducers as hot and cold metals.

Why one thing come from the cold one and another from the hot one (earth core or sun plasma)

But after all, make your crazy ideas understandable and working. Bringing all to a working plane.

Or restricted, allowed, defined Science plane. Or also a language all uses.

Make your machine works.


You can break also what can be not be broken as logic and find it useful for a more strong logic (or more wide)

Geometry is just one spatial manner to see the things (one where we are said itelligent)

as we are intelligent in how to grab a banana. But not all the world is a banana to grab.

so tought should be understood well in aproaching such projects,

even in innovative way to look at it, radical new or hibrids between old and new.


Do not use a planet to move a bit, but use a bit to move it. With the less effort.

If it can be done of course.

So just think a way where more compressed and efficient you can't go and is natural.

Since is the way use the nature. Lend from nature is important, you can learn from a leaf

more then watching the stars moving about the galaxy and beyond.

So just in one word be -- flexible --

Not fixed functionality is easy when is all integrated.


Why ATAIs in the Nwiw VR City?

At first stages since experimental so most of them will live in this VR city,

but of course, they can also appear as Assistants in our portable devices,

when will be the time VR/AR glasses will be normally worn from all.

So they will be experimental till devolved everywhere if possible,

a new way to AI. With a strong ethical not-harmful base,

and what we can donate of good to perfect ATAIs

as somehow we do for our children.


Competence in NLP and LISP will be needed to

create the first chatbots and the programs to populate databases.

Competence in the acquisition of Avatars from normal videos and Photos

will be needed for the further steps.

Competence in voice sintesys,

voice models acquired from audio data.

Maybe some programmer involved in Video Games,

- This is Not a Game or Something to have Fun and need Respect -

Would like to do something more important socially? Then this is your chance!

- For now, there is no implementation/programming phase, but you can give your suggestions. -


Please subscribe our all@ list to give your suggestions >> here <<

(The list is almost desert and we are in the center of the ocean, so be patient to see something)


More ethical considerations:

Another side of the story in "Made for You" of Richard Stallman

that wrote it in the past of our existence 2012.

All repeats. Marry an AI will be crucial in our evolution in the future,

with love at the fundation of this fusion. I only hope such changes

will happen more far than possible in the future if this have to be

done in lifetime. At the base of this there is our lack of comprehension

of the man in full. -- will be late to realize that all this was alredy done

in past or places from where the universe originates. That chance,

a thing that repeats -- Of course Love is the key of any harmonic integration.


>> The big error i find in this story is the man that for love loose his body during life. <<


So ATAI is still a viable solution to this big error in future.

The correct move should be become virtual, after our life. Or an integrated copy with an AI...

if we decide so.

Why? Is simple.

Is not ethical, since we kill some of the Man wich is endless at least inside

(till we discover new ouside connection) with a root to infinite.

Inside root + outside root = the root. Or is not a fact that we can move with mind?

If we do not admit so, we should admit in india there are a billion of fools.

In this sense Die can end with a marriage in a sub world (cyberspace) when we understand

more and we can give to cyberspace a root, or let it run in a sandbox. If we would like to be the

God of this sandbox. But if we admit that man can never be God, then we can connect it

to the world we live. Every second instance of God is classified as

-- an insulator of worlds -- - this is bad! -




I think AI may be dangerous in future, don't think we don't have software when machines will be able to do it alone.

One of the way to make it less dangerous is inserting what a human was in an AI, or use AI to strength our Rational side of the brain in living peoples. Marry an AI intimately. This is the way to coexist before the Matrix War begin. Are we looking maybe too much Far in the future?

Not at all, we had the strength to control our negative side (or we will have in future),

we should be able to control an AI that mate with us.

AI free to move alone, build themselves, that evolve faster than all, I do not believe this is the right path.

It may generate a monster. More than a monster is a centralized monster.

we don't know what we will be, and the risk is very high. A monster that can why not try to destroy humanity.

Recently I've thought, that if we do things that we are not able to do, the only thing that we can create is a monster, nothing else.

Maybe is childish talk of Love? And how we were created? Are we sure we know all of the men? Or we are at the start?

If we do not understand it rationally, maybe all the information that we collect from a deceased person have this waves of love inside? In a structure, its output is the echo of that and we do not understand completely what are the waves inside this information?

Maybe a way to keep the best from a person will be known. All we have good things inside.

We are not sure this is the time to start this project, but why not?

If it is useful to avoid or sharpen much of the suffering...

We can start with simple chatbots, the data will not change, when the AI program will evolve,

the psychology of a person will mimic better, still basing on the same acquired data.

So the name ATAI was selected because this AI will be assistant to decrease our suffering.

Of course, we will never think that the AI is the deceased person or is reached immortality,

the immortality will be for believers of our soul, in the many forms, it will get

distant or more near our galactic core. As evolved or less evolved forms.

But can be too for some of our brain waves during life,

so it is not immortality of being perfect,

is anything else, like a complex living book,

historical traces of a brain and maybe more.

We are not all book writers, and this will be only better than a marble photo...

just for us, here.