SimpleMachines provides all design documents and source code for its hardware and software.

Here are the current versions of everything. For a full list including older versions see the Google Code Downloads page.

Hardware Master file for the PCB layout, in Zuken Cadstar format

from which we generate:

Simone_v1.3_Schematics-20090919.pdf: Schematic circuit diagrams for the Sim.One

SIM_ONE_REV1.3_Assembly_Drawing.pdf: Positions of components on the top and bottom of board

SIM_ONE_REV1.3_Drill_Drawing.pdf: Hole drilling positions and sizes and board material details

SIM_ONE_REV1.3_gerbers.pdf: Physical layout of the planes and masks in the circuit board Gerbers for production of the circuit board


Source code

u-boot-1.1.6-sim_one-20110329.tgz: Source code for the U-Boot loader

linux-2.6.36-patches-20101118.tgz: Patches to the standard Linux kernel source code

config-2.6.36-debian-20101118: Linux kernel configuration for Debian


u-boot-1.1.6-simone-20110329.bin: The U-Boot boot loader, created by following these instructions

uImage-2.6.36-debian-20101118: The Linux kernel for the Debian system, created by following these instructions

modules-2.6.36-debian-20101118.tgz: Kernel modules for Debian Linux 2.6.36

debian-squeeze-rootfs-20110301.tgz: Debian root file system, created by following these instructions