We keep most of our technical documentation on Sim.One's Google Code Project Wiki

Introductory material

  • Downloads: What the files on the Downloads page are
  • HHGTTCB: A hith-hikers guide to the circuit board: connectors, jumpers, pinouts etc.
  • RootBoot: How to copy the Debian filesystem to MMC/SD card and boot Linux

Hardware subsystems

  • Audio: The sound hardware and software
  • Flash: Characteristics of the Flash memory
  • GPIO: Which signal is on each of the GPIO pins and where they are connected to
  • PWM: The Pulse Width Modulation outputs
  • SDCard: The characteristics of the SD/MMC card memory
  • SerialPort: The characteristics of the Sim.One serial port
  • SerialCable: What the connections should be for the Sim.One serial cable
  • USB: The characteristics of the USB interfaces
  • Video: Characteristics of the video inputs and output

Advanced topics

  • BootLoader: The EP9307 and U-Boot boot loaders
  • DebianKernel: How to configure and compile the Linux kernel from source code for Debian
  • DebianRootfs: How to make a Debian root filesystem for the Sim.One using debootstrap
  • DebianXServer: How to get X working on the video output
  • MemoryMap: What is where in the Sim.One's address space
  • SimOneUpdates: Suggested hardware and software updates to the v1.3 Sim.One board
  • Speedups: Some ways to make your Sim.One faster