Simulation of a deceased historical Figure Featured

In the research efforts done for the project nwiw (will be, we found some interesting research paper with experiments to simulate an historical figure.

Owever Hitler is not the best character to bring alive again with an artificial intelligence (chatbot), we prefer figure like Nelson Mandela for example to discuss with.

A chat-bot is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with a human user via auditory or textual methods. But most of the chat-bots are designed for engaging in small talk and their personalities are created by the programmer feeding a database.

The research in the computational linguistic and artificial intelligence from the Rumenian Doctor, Traian Rebedea and his colleguaes have given result in automated pupulation of chatbot databases scraping the data from raw Text, wikipedia and other web sources with an example of the possibility to simulate the personality of an hystorical figure.

From one of the research paper attached.

"Abstract—There are many applications that are incorporating
a human appearance and intending to simulate human dialog,
but in most of the cases the knowledge of the conversational bot is
stored in a database created by a human experts. However, very
few researches have investigated the idea of creating a chat-bot
with an artificial character and personality starting from web
pages or plain text about a certain person. This paper describes
an approach to the idea of identifying the most important facts in
texts describing the life (including the personality) of an
historical figure"



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