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Alula.it Blog - Alula Editors Network

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We would like to involve as much peoples as we can in let flourish this Blog.

This to create useful discussion on the topics that are canvas of our projects in the area where Simplemachins do research.

The quality of the editors network it is all for this project.

For this reason we allow a maxiumum of four connection for each editor.

This mean that each editor is called to involve the best contact he have to let them become editors on Alula.

A maxium of 4 connection is allowed, so pls select well. Please dont select person wich are eated from their negative side.

Select peoples with ethics and moral value then talent.

If you are not sure looking at one people eyes as often happen for example in politics where some wear an actor mask, please

look the fruits, virtues make good fruits, vices make bad fruits (traps for the society).

Noone is perfect owever because we are all man. But this network should be a special thing,

and all this depend on your choose, don't ask to who choosen you, your selections depends on you

since you was choosen too. A bad element selected will be a cancer inside the network.


Pls think that if you are an Alula editor you are like a samurai, a samurai with no sword, but a simple smartphone

or just a pen and sometime a dial up connection. If internet is not reached in your location, don't worry

we will work on an sms sever solution to let you submit articles and comments by sms/mms.

Pls remember that with our discussion, we participate in the creation of a collective brain, with tangible permanent richness in its output.

The target of Alula Network is to reach thousand cells connected together. All the member of the networks may hopefully collaborate together to gain better result.

Welcome to Alula!