How it is happened that we used star names for our projects

Long time ago, back in 2009 or 2010, we was accross the beinning of our project with AVR32,

Arduino was a new project at that time, we was one team like many other developing

a 32 bit board with a more powerful MCU for general use and to be programmed

with FreeRTOS / .NET (micro). On the middle we became mantainers of AVR32

platform of eLua project,

but we went out with two solution for our Mzar32: Baremetal / Lua and Lisp.

I was searching a name prior to development of this AVR32 small machine

and i asked myself "what are the most beautiful things that we know?"

The answer was easy to me... The Stars.

I was across the names of the stars and i spotted out that many of this names

was given from Arabs. Arabs was great Astronomers an Mathematicians...

Among all those names i found two names where the meaning was Horse,

and there was a Mate star where the meaning was Knight, in the common vision

It was a binary Star, and one of the most Acient discovered

that could be seen easily also at nude eye, the most popular.

So We called Mizar the board (Horse) and Alcor the Software (Knight).

It was purely incidental that new names that i liked was still binary

or multiple stars systems.

The idea of Sagittarius and the full Spiral City (smart city) project

was not in our mind yet.

Was one of our contacts requesting a system for Street LED lighting

controlled with Arduino in wireless mesh that drived our interest to that

direction since we didn't knew anything of IoT and smart cities.

I don't know why exactly when the Sagittarius project evolved

thru this spin of research for an optimal service,

maybe because composing Free Specification Hardware and Free Software

need the respect of re-use, in full or in part what you does

so we have try to reach the maximum of flexibility

of any part while mantaining integration of all in a wholeness.


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