SimpleMachines is committed to fully open hardware and software, which means giving you the full set of original design documents in the same form as our engineers created them. All files are published under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.1.


Pls Refer to Alcor6L Project for the software that run on Mizar32.


From our Kicad project files we generate

  • - a PDF of the schematic circuit diagram
  • - a PDF of the board layout (metal layers and silk screen printing)
  • - Gerber files that are used to control the machines that fabricate the board

Here are the latest versions of these files. There is a full list, including older versions on the Mizar32 Downloads page

Board Version Project files Circuit diagram PCB layers Gerbers
Main board 1.3.2 schematic_file.pdf
Display module 1.1 schematic_file.pdf
Ethernet/RTC module 1.0 Kicad schematic_file.pdf
Serial interface 1.1.1 Kicad schematic_file.pdf
VGA module 1.2 Kicad schematic_file.pdf