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Long time ago, i was sitting at the side of a man in the airplane. While discussing with him

of cities like London i told him how a soul man (a Bus driver) defined the same... "London is a melting pot!".

So at some point i've asked to him "why populations in the world are so different?"

And his answer was very simple "because of religion".

From that time was clear to me the future richness behind this diversity. Our future integration.

Whit this any Atheist should be comfortable too in Nwiw, why not peoples can find in their intuition, in science or

in the intersection of all they know a way to be more closer to missing truths sometime too much distant

in complexity, time and dimensions.

First Drafts

Nwiw, will be a complex project with simple targets

with some base requirement to satisfy:

  • A meeting place for different peoples, also much different between them.
  • A place to meet personal or public ATAI

with a selection of the public one basing on what they shared or did of important with/for humanity and they can continue to (some random eg. Buddha, Baha'u'llah, Dalai Lama, Jesus, Moses, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Lao-Tzu, Nelson Mandela, Muahamad, Confucius, Tesla, Einstein, Newton and many others not mentioned in this example).

  • A City where to import and digitalize Virtual Architecture & Sacred places (the sacred places ussually peoples visit)

A Virtual Space where you can enter in a way is more common to you in a path that is not disorienting, an important door, while reaching more cross-cultural areas to the center of the city. One entry for each religion will be one of the proposed model.

So you can live the city searching a way to integrate to the inner center or not integrate with other if you like, giving space while you go inside to experimentation in new cross-mixed models of spaces and scenery.

The possibility to make a monster is very high, but we trust in inspiration and common sense for this, every architectural style have its beauty, every model can be an experience, a rule not to collide but to be harmonized in the wholeness.

  • A multisensorial media for the fruition of Information Richness (ART) for any person that have access to a VR client and to the net, trying to offer a new not material richness based on information, of  tele-presence Light, Structure, Architecture, Music, nature sounds to catch positive emotions.
  • A project to let feel any man at home, a new shared public home, for all the world citizens in a new way toward integration.
Nwiw is a social project including its growing population scheme, to not reproduce a virtual hell as the image of today world, Nwiw should be a special city of peace for your personal grown and to meet your personal or public ATAI. To become a citizen you can be invited from another citizen. Citizenship can't be sold or traded but transmitted. If trading of citizenship are discovered or based on any trade for material benefict, all the tree of citizens generated is banned from the city (with the possibility to leave, delete, mirror all their material elsewere), this of course dosent mean you can not be invited again in another tree to be part of it again. This impose a double quality check of the link quality, who invite you and who you invite. You can receive multiple invitations, so that they constituite multiple bonds. No bonds or bonds to banned citizens only will act as a ban to you to access and to be seen fro others. Of course you can always can have access but you will be alone with your things or only able to meet your ATAI or Public ATAI(with ATAI learning disabled). This may change and this is only a raw idea, since problems do not have only one solution, as instead they can often have a common root.

Some tech paper on Graphic engine:

 Pre-calculated Global Illumination of complex scenery:

(Microsoft Research)

Document on RRF, And another PDF with Source.

A popular Free Software GI Engine:

(Disney and Carnegie Mellon)

Panda 3D


Scratch of ideas (about material richness) :

The walls emerging from the clouds (a place of peace far from the ground):

The walls of the city can be done with a non-existent material, a texture symbolizing the macrocosm, as well the micrcosm,

a macro network of galaxies and the dark matter web, supposed to have the same patterns or very similar with our neurons.

With the warm colors of the Sun and the physical property of marble to be comfortable and respectful with something we already know.


 The YOD (Complex)

At the center of the city there will be the YOD complex a place to study one of the more marvellous System in the universe in the specific the one pertaining our galaxy is Sagittarius A* but also the other Galaxy cores. The Architecture starting with more enphasis to ART (we are starting recently to understand it a little more) (§1) then more scientific evidence, should symbolize a - Black Hole / Singularity / Whormhole / White hole System, an architecture inspired to it. Obviously not all the citizens should look at the center like the stars :) we are made of star material but we are not the stars maybe in a time dimension sense, we are part of (entagled?), So ATAI will be important, and we will start to try (try) to make alive the best public ATAI in Nwiw (or their known informations in a sensient form), man that was of example and drection for many.

YOD the name, have some meaning in Concentrate, bring to the center, so should be a proper name for this Virtual research complex, as somehow an important meaning for the full City. In this center and complex, a serious research with multidisciplinary aproach (that will led to new/old starting points and theories to validate) to start any type of research for final advancement of Truth. An example of multidisplinarity aproach: What is the Apple of the Heaven? Is this the Big Bang? What's happen next? So a starting point to feed science can be any starting point from any discipline including why not the words of deceased prophets, many wonderful results in Science are Random discovers or discovers happened for mistake, so any feed is OK to start a research. All this will appeare simple and we hope useful in a multi directional way,

for example: there is any advancement can do Religion in undertanding Singularity? What is the Physics at the base of profecy? This are two simple example, but there can be many other.


(§1) I partially agree with Nikodem Poplawsky Theories. If we know that a whormhole can also conduct to other point of space-time, this mean including the beginning of time(Big-Bang). It may possible that all the galactic cores hold a whormhole to the Big Bang (they explode all there). This is hard to accept in a closed alpha-omega system (a Closed Circle of time). But this does not invalidate our Freedom, simply other structure are set in dimensions higher than ours. We live in the time, with an arrow of time, this is a fact, nothing change for us if there is anything with higher dimensions than us, including our Freedom. I don't know if we live in an Apple, for sure if there is an apple, there is also a tree outside the universe and why not Singularity may be the door to this. All this are only suppositions, not verified in math. Truth and Faith may marge in future, or maybe when we will be ready, but when we will be ready is also probable that we are called out this apple of time.


City Shape:


The City should be very large accomodating as more peoples as possible, even if the space assigned to a person may be small outside or not endless(for others peoples comfortable navigation), the space inside one house can be endeless. A smart way to enlarge it should be planned, or a possible solution may be a spiral or circle structure(or spiral in a circle), path and streets able to enlarge and spiralize to build rooms endlessly without much disorder.

External walls and shape of wall structure should accomodate the following entrance(in alphabetic order):

Baha i faith

A smart way to select your spiral configuration should be set, for example if you walk along the spiral you meet peoples from muslim door, if you walk trasversally? You should be able to select your neighbors and step after step (spiral after spiral or circle after circle) your neighbours, it's not set for exclusion but for personal grow, anyone can decide his path or to not move from his circle.

Between the spirals we can place some gardening or simulated garden, flowers, tree, why not with space to put the flowers we like, also non existent one or common vegetation structure, so that there is a sort of separation for comfort between the different comunity of the same entrance(for example Christians have a lot of forks), the same between circle and circle.

So how to overcome separation problem? An house, may be aliased (like we do on file systems), so present in many circle and have multiple door to different circles or even spirals of the same circle. This are only temporary solution maybe better structure can be found in the years that we have prior to development stage.

The Inner Circle:

The center circle have not a door, but can come next  your door. Or your house present in. This circle is special, and mixed with all the peoples from the other circles in one circle. Of course it is upon to your decision to be present there. More inner than that there are no circles anymore but the YOD research center.

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