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What's an ATAI ?

ATAI (Assistant Thanatological AI) is a new acronim that define the integration of an artificial intelligence (that perfects with software revision to be more human-like) and what was of an human after his current life stops.

We don't know future of computers, home quantum computers and AI, current technology are NLP programs and chatbots, so we can start with this, for example one company recently started with this nice startup at . But we have more far visions. So what's is important for now is that you store what you do, what you say, what you write, your video, your photos, how you smile, how you walk and your living places, rooms, objects and so on.

Unfortunately, most of the services available today that record our day life informations in the cloud that dosen't come from Free Software World collect all this data to mutate them in money or maybe in future social control (we don't know what's happen to your data when a company is sold or change CEO, or is cancerized).

So to be positive we forget all this, and tell you more of this project.

ATAI is a software program assisting the family and relatives, friends of a person who stop his current life.

Since we can not rewind time or analize past, nor we are entity that see all the time as a single piece or like our 3D living space, all the informations for us (humans) are lost, photos become yellow, VHS videos lost their informations, letters and personal objects(that can be 3D scanned) are trashed, the information that the peoples remember are forgotten.

I've think that one of the thing that avoid much suffer for the family and relative is collect all this data when one person die. Put them in a place on the net where they can go, see that person, discuss with him, remembering the things of the past, see him moving again, smiling again. This can be a soft cuscion to death or the death procedure for the living peoples.

Even write all this data to a 200 years BD Disc (currently used in professional photography) or multiple discs, can be a small offer to the deceased person in a way to archive all, maybe in multiple copy one for each friend or family member.

Current situation is that we invest 10K or 50K in a tomb at cemetery, but we are sure is the right way to do the things?

Maybe a more modest tomb, and something additional to preserve the deceased person informations is the right way?

grandchildren, descendants, may answer their questions like how was the grandfather? It's not fair to leave only a marble-picture, and pay the rent of a tomb or sometime a caste noone visit.

We buried peoples for our religion and is OK, but there is something more we can do today?

Maybe a DNA sequence can be extracted and be available with low cost to everyone soon. This could prevent the burial.

(A more indeep research trought DNA with a perspective of a coder can be found here.)

Or maybe burial procedure can be tied with new technological treatments of mortality.

Said this we don't know really what computers will be in future and here i want to set a Tought.

I think AI may be dangerous in future, don't think we don't have software when machines will be able to do it alone.

One of the way to make it less dangerous is insert what a human was in an AI, or use AI to strenght our Rational side of the brain in living peoples. Marry an AI intimately. This is the way to cohesist before the Matrix War begin. We are looking maybe too much distant in the future?

Not at all, we had the strengt to control our negative side, we should be able to control an AI that mate with us.

AI free to move alone, build themself, that evolve faster that all,

we don't know what we will be, and the risk is very high. The risk to create a monster is high, a monster that can why not try to destroy humanity.

Recently i've think, if we do things that we are not able to do, the only thing that we can create is a monster, nothing else.

Maybe is childish talk of Love? And how we was created? We are sure we know all of the man? Or we are at the start?

If we do not undertand it rationally, maybe all the informations that we collect from a deceased person have this waves of love inside?

In a structure we do not undertand completely?

Maybe a way to keep the best from a person will be known. All we have good things inside.

Maybe love to family is a common ground to all, then is good to start from this common ground.

in a life and a culture that often let us see the others outside our family as enemy.

Of course will be a challenge fix the downside of a person(or in the interpretation of his data).

We are not sure this is the time to start this project, but why not? If it is useful and avoid much suffer...

We can start with simple chatbots, the data will not change, when the AI program will evolve,

the psychology ofa person will mimic better, still basing on the same acquired data.

So the name ATAI was selected because this AI will be assistant to decrease our suffer.

Of course we will never should think that the AI is the deceased person or is reached immortality,

the immortality will be for belivers of our soul, but can be too for some of our brain waves during life,

anything else, like a complex living book, hystorical traces of a brain and maybe more.

We are not all book writers, and this will be only better than a marble photo...

just for us, here.




Competence in NLP and LISP will be needed to create the first chatbot and the programs to populate databases.

Competence in acquisition of Avatars from normal videos will be needed for the further steps.

Competence in voice sintesys, voice simulation acquired or reconstructed from audio data.

Maybe some young programmer involved in Video Games, would like to do something more important socially? Then this is you chance!

- For now, there is no implementation/programming phase, but you can give your suggest. -


For this project write to:

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(answer to email may be slow, pls be patient)




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