Eagle Hack Lab

Eagle Hack Lab

... at the old Stalls/Stables of Palazzo Beneventano at the main entrance


we have given new space for Simplemachines members and created a Lab for Social Purpose IT research ...



Some philosophical aspects on the names

We like the Eagle Symbol since it is a symbol of Freedom (sometime abused and with different meaning).
But this is not the only reason why we pointed to eagle nebula for the naming of the machines and the lab itself.

This is very simple, the eagle nebula is a star forming cloud/region and most of our projects have star naming!?!

(§ Sagittarius A* Spiral City and seven multiple stars --> Mizar, Alcor, Avior, Mira, Rigel, Superwasp, Trapezium).

The Eagle nebula is very popular so that together with Orion Nebula, is one of the most know nebula in the sky.

Eagle nebula and Pillars of Creation

Inside the nebula we have the pillars of creations,

for analogy the pillars are helpful to create stars (the projects)
So that we have Pillar1, Pillar2, Pillar3

as the BlackPillar machines -->

heic0506b small

The Pillars of Creation 



Other Nodes Are Spire, M16 and StarQueen that are alternative naming for the full nebula itself.

StarQueen machine is a moving Node accross the Lab for multimedia/presentation purpose.

All Pillars are High-End Double-Xeon Workstations with 16 logical cores

equipped with 24GB RAM, solid state / mechanical disks

and middle class GPU with DDR5 Video Cards.

BlackPillar Host a powerful graphic card, R9 380 with 3GB DDR5 Video RAM,

as it is intended to be used also for Electronic CAD design as well as Rendering machine.

Those workstations are connected to the inner 1GBit network and exposed

on Internet (IPv6) without any NAT and with the DNS entry xxx.eaglehl.net

is used for every machine in the Lab internetwork like ---> Spire.eaglehl.net

All machines run their own firewall, web server, ssh server and  a modern firgerd daemon.

Spire and M16 are GlusterFS machines where the Local Storage is kept and feeded

to the rest of the local network and/or outside on the internet to the Lab workers that need remote access.

Spire and M16 do the networking Job with priority, while they can be used as Workstations too

with any application. Spire and M16 stay on 24/7 and they are low power computers (10-15W PD)

since they use new 14-20nm Geometry but push enought computing power

as they are quad core CPU/GPU with around 2000CPUMark and 8GB RAM,

SSD and Mechanichal disks.

StarQueen Node is mostly used with our Projector located in the back of a couch area.

The hardware is an X86 Stick with LAN & WiFi,

a Mele PCG02U with Atom Z3735F 2GB DDR3 32GB eMMC HDMI

easy to be swapped from Projector and moved around, even outside in the courtyard

for outside work at our external table.

Besides this Seven Machines, we plan to extend the Lab Network

with Notebooks and Other Intel TVBox / SBC / Sticks & some electronics with IP (& some brain too).

Most of the Machines run production OS, GNU/Linux Mint distribuition,

with virtual machines inside of other operating systems

like Arch, Parabola, Trisquel, FreeBSD and GNU/Windows (Win10 used in combination with GNU OS

and without Linux kernel). Any user may have also at disposal at the file server its own virtual machine,

to decompress and start in any of the workstation present in the lab with automatic start and syncing

at the end of the session.


Machines with Internet Domain, Specs & Real photo


spire small

  • Dual Screen 1600*1200 IPS
  • A4-5000 Jaguar/Kabini 24nm
  • Root OS Kali Linux 2.0

>> Access Spire Web Server <<

>> Access Spire Via SSH <<

 pillar1.eaglehl.net pillar2.eaglehl.net pillar3.eaglehl.net  
  Other View of the Lab 
Lab 2 small  Lab 1 small Lab 3 small   
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