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Mira128 is a project to provide Free Specifications design reference to build a Smart City.

Download the Hi-Res Illustration here -->  | as .tiff image - 5.7MB | as PDF document - 4.2MB |


Why Mira name?

The first name SpiralCity was set 4 years ago, to symbolize a city like a Spiral Form Galaxy, full of stars.

We suppose most of the automation is posed in proximity of a light point, to dimm lamps in PWM,

small nodes, with local RS485(IPv6 over RS485), in a wireless mesh,

so it sounds also more related.

Later this project had also the name of a binary star Mira (Omicron Ceti),

Mira128, 128 added to be searchable on search engines.

128 stand for the 16 byte(128 bit) addressing (IPv6) used to internet.

Mira also mean Look in italian, and take the mira mean look to a target.

Since it massively involve computer vision (privacy enabled) nodes,

we finally selected this Mira binary star name for this project.

Meanwhile Several other projects for this SmartCity was out

(mobility, food, super low power PCs for Public Administration)

after SpiralCity project so that now all go under the same umbrella

under the Galactic core name,  Sagittarius A* SpiralCity defining

the SpiralCity project in full. Names was not set randomly,

but we had the full picture in a non linear path.


The target

The target in this reference is respect of citizen's privacy,

simplicity, robustness, reliability, security and use of standards.

to extend the network of a city implementing a decentralized automation,

with secure controls, accessible from the city operators or administrators.

Provide to the citizens 2.4GHz WiFi spots connected by 5Ghz mesh (Olsr).

Provide to citizens informations by SMS, sensors info, open Drugstore, Bus etc.

Collect data from various sensors, including Camera (as a computer vision sensor)

set with generally known functions, message based output respecting citizen's privacy.

Maximizing functions for Software Systems and Hardware components (multi-function).

The use of Lisp (functional language used for artificial intelligence) and Python,

one of the more common general purpose programming language

to define Endpoints, used in automation state machines

with conditional or timing control events.


This is almost all of the technology that will be used in this project


| GNU | OpenBSD | Olsr |

| Chibi-OS | Contiki-OS | Alcor6L |

| 6lobac | Hexabus (some) | XCore | OpenMV |


| Qotom PICO ITX X86 | Avior32 A and B | Mizar32 with RS485 |

| MP-CVU Unit - (M)ira (P)rivacy (C)omputer (V)ision (U)nit ---> Avior32 A + Camera |

| MISO-PU - IP67 (Mi)ra (So)lar (P)ower (U)nit | TSJ-MAIS - Telegram / SMS / Jabber Mira Area Information System |

| MIPS-4SL - (Mi)ra (P)ublic (S)ystem for Street (L)ighting  | (C)omposite (&) (O)rganic C&O-MAPS (M)ira (A)ir (P)ollution (S)ensors |

| MP-GAS - (M)ira (P)ublic (G)arden (A)utomation (S)ystem | *

| MPDU - (M)ira (P)ublic (or (P)rivate) (D)ome (U)nit |

* DNAND-Y Definitve Names Are not Defined Yet


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