The paradigm of Richness will have probably a great shift soon. Richness and monetary value will diverge.

What cost one billion or one million or 500K USD, will loose soon of monetary value being digitalized.

Our need of Space, Art, living places, meeting places, working places public or private may due to this get advantages

of the low cost manufacturing and become essential.

This will not remove anything from the art or our emotional state living the spoace where we are immersed.

I remember to anyone reading that in 20 years augmented reality and Virtual reality will be here soon to improve our life

and give great health/restauration chances to our environment.

We reached an important shift, decrease humanity level or change,

why not change and why not become more than we are now? This will implify a perfect integration with our ecosystem,

different energy production, food production and yes huge utilization of Augmented reality and Virtual reality

to satisfy our communication and consuming needs.

So reach the essential is important. Reach the essential for more true Richness.

There are other important social aspect:

It is correct that 20 years of a middle class man serve the payment of his house?

That Museum or other functional living places are built as eco-monsters?

I would like that this project, hard to complete & prototype in pieces

of a smart city will embed specifications, Free Specifications,

in order to help the manufacturing of Private or Public living places reduced to the essential, this dosent represent

poorness but the contrary, is an hope and a bet to our future since so many things are changing, we need to progress

and adapt to this changes, maybe imminently and before they happen, or meanwhile they happen.


So what is this?

In 1980 on Fininvest TV i see a documentary, a man puchased a suit with mask, some layers of heavy cellophane,

a very good professional air compressor and one hundred liters of polihuretane(toxic when sprayed).

He did an house with that, he cutted the cellophane and glued together that he was inflating modules

to connecto together, after inflating them, he was spraying with polyhurethane the surface and the foam reached

the thickness of 200mm. Even stairs was done in this way, including some in-house furniture.


From that time much has been done in this field And i like to open this frame of research here inside Mira project.

Also to conclude it with an home automation system inside a Dome, and not only about electronics,

but all the implant, Solar panels, Battery, rain water collection, water purifiers and so on.

The project goal will be reduce the cost while find Smart solution, best solution for all.

I hope at least this will give a chance in future for all the man working 20 years to

purchase a concrete house with no Art on it and parametrized on money.


It seem absurd to me that not many group in this world is dedicating to this research,

but Nothing have sense in an upside down world that we are living.


Maybe not many remember when:

Long time ago(a powerful but blind entity over the time) have promised all to a man, letting him look above the horizont,

"Look all this... i am the king, you can be too... With me in front and you on my back, all of this can be yours too,

together we can do great things..."

Then this man refused, maybe this man had (temporarily) all inside him and know what is all in some sense.

Today is obvious that this was a thieft, a world reduced like it is now a dustbin of trash, the same offer can not be done again today

after this world have taken the shape & manners of who did the initial offer in some order crazy and full of cancers.

So the problem is at the root, but the solution is not there, we all together are the solution, we are not called to do much,

we are called to do a little, a little from all will be the global change.

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