GCC packages for reliable MaverickCrunch code generation

Martin Guy <martinwguy@yahoo.it>
8 September 2009

Here are packages of the GCC C compiler modified to produce reliable code for the MaverickCrunch floating point unit.

They run on, and generate code for, the armv4t EABI architecture as used in the Debian "armel", Gentoo embedded and Ångström GNU/Linux distributions among others.

To generate the fastest code, I use:

    gcc-4.3-crunch -mcpu=ep9312 -mfpu=maverick -mfloat-abi=softfp -ffast-math -O2


The 20090908 version has no known bugs for C. It doesn't restore floating point variables held in registers across a setjmp/longjmp call but that's a glibc issue.


On Debian "armel" systems, download the .deb file and say, as root, dpkg -i *.deb
The Debian package names are gcc-4.2-crunch and gcc-4.3-crunch in case you should wish to remove them later with dpkg -r

On other ARM Linux EABI systems, download the .tgz file and unpack it in the root directory with tar xzf *.tgz -C /

They install under /usr/local/{bin,lib,libexec} and do not affect the main system compilers.

For further details about them, as well as instructions for how to build the compiler from source, see martinwguy.co.uk/martin/crunch.


Here are installable tarballs and Debian packages for the compiler and the corresponding patches to the GCC source code.

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-rw-r--r-- 1 martin    23650 2009-09-08 14:25:36 gcc-4.2.4-crunch-patches-20090908.tar.gz
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-rw-r--r-- 1 martin    25061 2009-09-11 17:08:14 gcc-4.3.4-crunch-patches-20090908.tar.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 martin  4647562 2009-09-11 17:10:26 gcc-4.3-crunch_4.3.4-20090908_armel.deb
-rw-r--r-- 1 martin  4668964 2009-09-11 17:08:14 gcc-4.3-crunch_4.3.4-20090908_armel.tgz


e6a32a492e668aaa1855028326870490  gcc-4.2.4-crunch-patches-20090908.tar.gz
93da303c942080a6a5161b236dc9f752  gcc-4.2-crunch_4.2.4-20090908_armel.deb
db7683fe6c54147efa8f5c76648c59db  gcc-4.2-crunch_4.2.4-20090908_armel.tgz
dd0c5101ad184f55e2af9b0d2d6c8eff  gcc-4.3.4-crunch-patches-20090908.tar.gz
0844e956508abe848be559ddc758687c  gcc-4.3-crunch_4.3.4-20090908_armel.deb
fdd60155e0a1d6ee812b31e871197b2e  gcc-4.3-crunch_4.3.4-20090908_armel.tgz

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