How Trapezium1 is born

I was Talking with Raman, our Vice president about Rigel-ABC project.

MPDU - Mira Public or Private Dome Unit

 MPDU-500   This dome to be built in Sophia City on a ground where one of the 3 lines of the metro arrive., Will be set to demonstrate our Automation but not only. It will embed much innovative technologies, Water collection & purification. Solar Hot water, Microbial Fuel Cell Sewer, Solar Photo-voltaic connected to a Wall-battery a poor one with poor materials, empty BUS or Truck 100AH batteries, but special, green (and poor) electrolyte lasting 7 years, inexpensive to build at any scale, in order to help the manufacturing of Private or Public living places reduced to the essential, this doesn't represent nothing in wasting and with all the latest poor technologies (poor in term of costs and not innovation) involved. Ready for all.   This dome with 500m2 plant + porches + stairs in 3 elevations + mezzanine elevations, will be used for a coowork the half, and at half our operations offices, apartments, at the top a round 400m2 Conference room with full view of the Dome, maybe a simulated planetary & Dome-Sphere curved projections. It will be auto-sufficient in Networking with Satellite communication, Water Collectors and purifiers, Food(Rigel-ABC acquaponic, aeroponic, automated and idroponic systems) and energy production This experimental dome that will be the demonstration for many of our projects in One, will be released in its full Free Specifications and Documentation.   The budget is set at 150.000 Eur with no extra.   If we will spend double, that mean the analysis part failed. And whole project failed, but we will not burn it :D     ths means have an extra 30% as backpack for surprise -- so point to 100K... in the whole design   Smaller units are planned after this if the goal is reached, smaller units of 250m2, 125m2.   I would like that this project, hard to complete & prototype in pieces be part of our specs for Smart Cities, or additional (missing) specs for smart city, since there is no reason to odd-design something is already good, useful and Free. So our whole project may seem jumping from one field to another, this because we focus on completion only of what is missing This Dome unit is a Sub Project of Mira128, witch is a sub project of Sagittarius-Spiralcity.   Why so crazy to build a dome to demonstrate some technologies? We keep as example Donald Knut, TeX, that he developed to write his book the Art of Computer Programming. Then we like Interdisciplinary challenges as well as unlock what is common to be un-possible to possible and make it Free Specs.   The planned Design time is 4 years. Anyone can participate to the concepts and the design, that will be fixed before the manufacturing oprations. The building time should be 6 month You can subscribe to the list for the Dome MPDU-500 >> here <<< Thank you to who will participate in this challenge, or anyone who will visit it in future.   We would like this Curiosity happen. The cost (and replicability everywhere) is the requirement N.1 Video Library Polystirene Dome - 1 , 2 , 3 Air Crete 1, 2, 3, 4 Monolitic Dome House 1, 2, ,3 ,4, 5     Flexible Solar Panels Rain Water Collection/Filtering system MicroBial-FuelCell-Sewer   WALL (or Floor) Battery Solar Hot Water PV Implant  

Eagle Hack Lab

... at the old Stalls/Stables of Palazzo Beneventano at the main entrance we have given new space for Simplemachines members and created a Lab for Social Purpose IT research ... Eagle-Hack-Lab Some philosophical aspects on the names We like the Eagle Symbol since it is a symbol of Freedom (sometime abused and with different meaning).
But this is not the only reason why we pointed to eagle nebula for the naming of the machines and the lab itself. This is very simple, the eagle nebula is a star forming cloud/region and most of our projects have star naming!?!Sagittarius A* Spiral City and seven multiple stars --> Mizar, Alcor, Avior, Mira, Rigel, Superwasp, Trapezium). The Eagle nebula is very popular so that together with Orion Nebula, is one of the most know nebula in the sky. Eagle nebula and Pillars of Creation Inside the nebula we have the pillars of creations, for analogy the pillars are helpful to create stars (the projects)
So that we have Pillar1, Pillar2, Pillar3,  -- m16 as server BlackPillar  --> The Pillars of Creation    We are recently investigating to run more powerful Clients, as Atomic PI with 1Gbit LAN as VNC terminals. So beside 4-5 machines + a couple of Laptops and low end x86 (mostly new SBC like Atomic PI) the eagle lab will not extend.   Some machines has been sold, other purchased new. so this images have purely historic information     Dual Screen 1600*1200 IPS 8GB-RAM 60GB-SSD 1TB-HDD A4-5000 Jaguar/Kabini 24nm Root OS Kali Linux 2.0 >> Access Spire Web Server << >> Access Spire Via SSH <<     Other View of the Lab               
Long time ago, back in 2009 or 2010, we was accross the beinning of our project with AVR32, Arduino was a new project at that time, we was one team like many other developing a 32 bit board with a more powerful MCU for general use and to be programmed with FreeRTOS / .NET (micro). On the middle we became mantainers of AVR32 platform of eLua project, but we went out with two solution for our Mzar32: Baremetal / Lua and Lisp. I was searching a name prior to development of this AVR32 small machine and i asked myself "what are the most beautiful things that we know?" The answer was easy to me... The Stars. I was across the names of the stars and i spotted out that many of this names was given from Arabs. Arabs was great Astronomers an Mathematicians... Among all those names i found two names where the meaning was Horse, and there was a Mate star where the meaning was Knight, in the common vision It was a binary Star, and one of the most Acient discovered that could be seen easily also at nude eye, the most popular. So We called Mizar the board (Horse) and Alcor the Software (Knight). It was purely incidental that new names that i liked was still binary or multiple stars systems. The idea of Sagittarius and the full Spiral City (smart city) project was not in our mind yet. Was one of our contacts requesting a system for Street LED lighting controlled with Arduino in wireless mesh that drived our interest to that direction since we didn't knew anything of IoT and smart cities. I don't know why exactly when the Sagittarius project evolved thru this spin of research for an optimal service, maybe because composing Free Specification Hardware and Free Software need the respect of re-use, in full or in part what you does so we have try to reach the maximum of flexibility of any part while mantaining integration of all in a wholeness.   < --- Back to the Eagle Hack Lab
  Towards a More Smart Thing for Automation in the Internetwork   Besides its complexity, the dimension of Avior32 is set to 8.4cm x 3.4cm MikroBus with Arduino proportions   Avior5 in progress...  in editing, a modular aproach (5 x Trapezium)   The Brain of Things (BoT) in the Internet of Things (IoT) BoT concept and acronym add an important feature to those interconnected and automated Things, for the interpreters involved, running on top of a real-time and multithread Toward Full-POSIX RIOT OS, the power of functional languages or languages used for artificial intelligence (like F# or LISP), while supporti concurrently very popular languages like Micro-Python, Lua,, Javascript . Source-Atoms sharing data sets talking at various speeds and media and interconnected(Ram, Flash, SPI, RS485, Wireless or distributed over iternet) for all kind of etherogeneous work or automations construct (not all building material are the same or for same purpose) done with different parts in a whole. The supported interpreters include the forgotten Forth still interpreted and dynamic but so powerful with the algorithmic speed of compiled C. Forgetting binary or keep it marginal, as it is for the (not obfuscated) Web. If not the base firmware. - Extending a node binary proof. menas: make it dynamic, responsive, changeable and never fixed. -- involve incremental and interactive programming in control, deployment, observation of a running system, a new way to development process or editing, deployment of small and large automations, with editing flow based using IBM NodeRed integrated with many of good concepts that Symbolics Genera or Lisp machines had, in One harmonized, extended, simplified form. Dissipating complexity downsides and failures. - Some make on it to depends the stability of the automation, systems small and big, wich is wrong. All should run independently at a single node level, or even inside it, on a bed of a POSIX RTOS OS. Inside a node, a bunch of them wired, as a thousand involved locally or distributed over IPv6. Relying on low cost, reduntant (even A+B ISPs or WAN) Gateways... (read well) not _concetrators_, for a strong, secure and fail safe distributed automation. Of course if some of the distributed automation is over a network, a gateway is a must. So we use it! with a full featured *BSD (without to reinvent the hot water), Mosh or an advanced SSH tunnel, as interface for nodered, a fork of it, an hybrid with many genera concepts built in, that solve a lot of security problems to put hands on what behind that gateway as nodes so tiny that could not be hog with control or editing interfaces, so with that, make it in simplicity and where it not harms and is obvious more resources as a way to access is located. - The Hardware: Avior5 is a demo board concept that is born to concentrate in a single miniaturized module with the stacking possibility the needed connections for batteries, solar cells, and LTO batteries (10.000 cycles of service and half cost of LiPo, stability of LiFePO4) the old but not replaceable (in terms of automation) RS485, as well as extension modules (Wi-Fi, ETH, 6LoWPaN, 868MHz, LoRa etc). Avior is fruit of very long time rearch and several revision. Is done in simplicity and modular. It consist of an adaptor with signaling, MTTP raw solar cells connections, LTO (lithium titanate - 50 years of service) cells port, and low cost (so simple, so well working) balancing and charge system. While Two Trapezium base nodes could be paired reachching common failsafe redundancy (A+B) - Avior5 goes beyond this, it can hold up to 5 Trapezium module (our smaller full functional node) to achieve Avionic or Space Station grade redundancy. Or a different way to flexibility multicore-multimodule-redundant-real-time in IoT never achieved before. Trapezium is ESP32 based (Dualcore Espressif LX6 - also used in Echo better known as Amazon Alexa), not ARM. You can access the trapezium here. With in it expressed a form factor, or a way to do a node, so small, and with Type-C, a way of simple updating, or even changing base lesstiff modules in future from 32 to 64 bits over so popular, cheap, low power, easy to source and reliable modules with all common FOSS software in the planet.   Leaving One Avior5 in a jungle, equipped with solar cells, LTO batteries, with something to do, you grant 40 years of service to your node without any human maintenance. Still admitting degadation of solar cells and the possible electronic failure of 1... to 4 nodes.   The cost optimization on it, can not be iterated more than this. (we reached the end of a long journey).   Supported add-in cards & Headers: Avior5 support five MikroBus-Clickboards extension sockets, other connections are handled via USB Type-C headers. The Type-C is a very well done and cheap connector, it solved also the problem since have let us to concentrate USB many signals, as well as full redundand RS485 20Mbit bus (easy translable in differential fiber optics) all over 1 single connector. I2C, power in and out, as it is important and omnipresent. Wired Networking RS485 (redundant half duplex) - Copper wires  optional(simple) external SC/ST adaptor for Fiber Optics (Tao Fiber technology). Wireless Networking LoRa modules, over MikroBus. (LoRa PHY was fully decyphered, Here)     The rendering are outdated of few years :) , pls see Trapezium page to se the current node element of Avior. Avior5 Specs:   Status: Concept completed Waiting Trapezium to be completed   Research Path in SW & HW with Sub and Meta projects: This Demo Board is connected with the Sagittarius Sub-Projects Alcor6L, and Mira128, its distributed protocol MWWA - Mira World Wide Automation Protocol.  Valid for IoT in general, Robots, Home automation, Industry, Smart city, and Internet "turn the PWM rotor in Japan, and close the Niagara Falls main valve" With an extensive use of IPv6, Secure DNS database, never done before. -- Please subscribe our devhw@ list to give your contribution >> here << (The list is almost desert and we are a few in the center of the ocean, so be patient to see something)   --