Towards a More Smart Thing for Automation in the Internetwork


Besides its complexity, the dimension of Avior32 is set to 8.4cm x 3.4cm. size comparizon w coin
microduino Avior32A 350 1

 (Examples of dimensions from two real Microduino paired, Avior32 A rendering, A Microduino with a coin and an Arduino Uno)

The Brain of Things (BoT) vs the Internet of Things (IoT)

BoT concept and acronym add an important feature to those interconnected and automated Things,

the power of functional languages or languages used for artificial intelligence (like Haskell, or LISP for AI), while supporting the simplicity very popular languages like Micro-Python, Lua,, Javascript. As well the Speed of algorithms in compiled C as interpreded source in Forth, without any binary if not the base compiled OS.

This interpreters run on top of a real-time and multithread Toward Full-POSIX OS Riot.

Avior32 is a demo board concept that is born to concentrate in a single miniaturized module with the stacking possibility the needed connections for batteries, the old but not replaceable (in terms of automation) RS485, as well as extension modules (Wi-Fi, ETH, 6LoWPaN, 868MHz, Zigbee etc).

The use of CEC1702 IoT chip from Microchip grants enough resources in RAM (500KB) to run what is in our purpose to run, as well as assure very fast computation in HW for security/cryptography, 100 times faster and with many low power states.

CEC1702 is supported by the latest GCC toolchain with extensions and IDE maintained from Microchip in the xc32-gcc with GPL license.

Supported add-in cards & Headers:

Avior32 support two MikroBus-Clickboards extension sockets, other connections are handled via USB Type-C headers.

The Type-C is a very well done and cheap connector, it solved also the problem since have let us to concentrate USB 2.0, JTAG and I2C signals all over 1 single connector.

Type-C is also used on another additional two custom ports to deliver outside with short cables the MikroBus or carry out any of its signals.

Wired Networking

RS485 with 6LoBac is used for wired networking, other standard protocols via RS485 can also be used and connections till 100m (low power battery friendly RS-485)

Wireless Networking

Any kind of wireless module is supported though adaptors that slide in (Snap-In) the SDcard socket, in the family of SPI-Modules.

We focus mostly to support Sub 1GHz. to use 6LoWPAN LOAD Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing is using as network transport to IPs.


Avior32A 350 2Avior32A 350 3Avior32A 350 4


Avior32 Specs:

  • Low Power CEC1702 MCU - Clocked at 48Mhz - 480K SRAM - HW Device Identity - Cryptoengine
  • 3 SPI, 6 I2C, 5 ADC Input @ 10 bit, 5 Timers @ 16 bit, RTCC/RTC, 
  • Two MikroBus on Top, Two on the bottom (replicated), Two Expansion Type-C Header with MikroBus (replicated), 
  • Low Power RS485 Transceiver onboard and connected to the STM32L4
  • MicroSD Connector for storage or to connect & Swap various SPI Radio modules / SPI daughter boards.
  • 2.5K bits User Programmable OTP for a secure firmware update.
  • AES128, AES192, AES256, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, RSA-1024 to RSA-4096, ECDSA, EC-KCDSA, Ed25519 in Hardware
  • 100x improvement over Software based Cryptography. Easy-to-use encryption, authentication, private and public key capabilities
  • True Random Number Generator. - Monotonic Counter - Memory protection Unit.
  • 8 Capacitive buttons present onboard , Some buttons are backlighted in RGB and the LEDs are controllable via I2C
  • Connection for Camera & Camera motors via Type-C headers.



  • Concept completed
  • Mechanical drawings Completed
  • Rendering and Placement Completed
  • Schematic draft 30% completed, in progress.


  • Complete Schematics
  • 4 layer very Large board With VCC/GND inner layers for testing, with the needful patching & revisions of the same.
  • After that will follow an 8 layers production board and for what is possible, defect free.



This Demo Board is connected with the Sagittarius Sub-Projects Alcor6L, and Mira128,

its distributed protocol MWWA - Mira World Wide Automation Protocol. 


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